Being Stylish with Cool iPhone 4 Cases


On September 5, 2011

Suffice to say that the Apple iPhone 4 is a phone that has one of the best designs in the market but some users may want to further accessorize the iPhone. What better way to do that than by getting iPhone 4 cases? It changes the overall view of the iPhone and in most cases, […]

Choosing the right earphones for iPhone 4


On August 23, 2011

The iPhone first started out as an iPod and it had progressed to what it is now: a high-tech mobile phone. Nonetheless, the iPod feature is still available and is widely used by iPhone users all around the world. Music is best heard at its top quality and one of the ways to do so […]

iPhone Accessories Worth Looking at


On August 18, 2011

Accessories are simply a must for any gadget users and the same can be said for iPhone users as well. Previously, we have written about cases for iPhone 4 but now, we shall now uncover some of the must have accessories for any iPhone owners.

iPhone 4 Cases that are worth checking out


On August 17, 2011

One of the best things to do after buying an iPhone is to accessorize it. Some buy phone cases while others get speakers for their iPhones. Should you be interested in getting your hand on an iPhone case, here are some that we think might be worth your time and money.

RainBallet, WaterProof iPhone 4 Case


On June 14, 2011

Need waterproof iPhone case? Check out this one, Rainballet from The Joy Factory.

V-Lock, iPhone 4 Waterproof Hard-cases


On April 16, 2011

V-lock is water-proof and super protective hard-cases which specifically designed for the iPhone 4. This iPhone 4 hard-cases claimed to be able to protect iPhone 4 from water, dust, sand, etc. The v-unlock hard-cases has two sides cover –front and back to protect iPhone 4 from water and dust, a standard internal mechanism to prevent […]