Nokia Here now on iOS App Store


On November 20, 2012

It was just yesterday that we have covered about Nokia maps application called Here. Apparently, we were just a day earlier from the launch of the application. Nokia Here is now available on the Apple App Store and can be used by just about any iOS devices out there. Instead of using native app language, […]

Nokia Maps coming to iOS


On November 19, 2012

One of the best applications that Nokia has to offer is the Nokia Maps. This is because the map application can be highly accurate and is also one of the best ones in the market. Take any Windows Phone users for example. Once they go to Nokia, they will find it hard not to miss […]

Google Voice Search as Siri Alternative


On November 18, 2012

Siri has just found itself a good competitor and not surprisingly, this is one that comes from Google. The application is called Google Voice Search and in most cases, works better if not comparable with Siri as well. This is because when it comes to speed, Google Voice Search is much faster and can understand […]

Native Google Maps iOS App Coming Soon


On November 16, 2012

The change to Apple’s own Maps application instead of Google Maps has been a hit and miss for many people. It is almost like giving out an unfinished product to the mass whereas the previous one had already been doing much good already. As far as Google is concerned, the change was definitely unexpected because […]

Evernote 5 for iOS Released


On November 9, 2012

Evernote 5 is the latest version of the world’s most favorite note-taking application. Available in almost all platforms you can imagine, this latest version of Evernote is now available for iOS users as well. The good news about Evernote 5 is that the design has been changed and it is now better in a lot […]

Spotify for iOS Updated


On November 7, 2012

Spotify is a great application especially for music lovers. For those that do not have the means to pay, Spotify offers a great solution to listen to as much songs as they want legally. For audiophiles, Spotify is also a way to listen to high-quality music at a bitrate of 320kbps. As such, it makes […]

Facebook for iOS Gets Update


On November 6, 2012

Facebook for iOS is one of the most used applications on the iPhone. It had received a lot of updates before but its latest one (version 5.1) is the one to look out for. Some of the features that it had received include multiple photo uploads, message improvements UI touches and a few other things. […]

Steam Updates iOS Application


On October 22, 2012

Steam is one of the most used gaming center in the world and it only makes much sense for the company to make purchases possible through the use of mobile applications. The iOS was the chosen platform for this and as a result, the Steam application for iOS allows its users to chat, make friends […]

AmEx and Starbucks to have Passbook integration soon


On September 23, 2012

The iOS 6 has a lot of great software that comes with it. Amongst them is the Passbook application that allows the user to save their mobile-tickets in the case of need. Passbook already comes with a lot of high-profile partners already. This includes big names such as Fandango, Lufthansa, Ticketmaster and a few others. […]

iOS version of Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Max Go now comes with closed captions


On September 15, 2012

When you look at media streaming websites such as Hulu or HBO Go, you can see that its mobile version might not have features as complete as the ones present in the original website. However, that doesn’t mean that the people behind the mobile version are not working hard to make the mobile version on […]