Amazon Instant Video now available on iPad


On August 1, 2012

Amazon Instant Video is another great offering by Amazon. For the Amazon Prime subscribers, this is good news considering that you can gain access to all the videos that are connected with the Amazon Prime account. Downloaded and streamed video-on-demand is also made possible through the Amazon Instant Video and this is a very good […]

Simple Jailbreak App Changes Clock Icon to Live Clock


On July 28, 2012

Jailbreak apps are usually fun to play with and this is simply because they allow a lot of things to be done with the iPhone. Most of these are available through Cydia and while some are paid apps, there are also great free jailbreak apps as well. One of it is LiveClock which is a […]

Whatsapp Available for free on App Store


On July 27, 2012

Whatsapp is without a doubt, the most popular instant messaging solution in the mobile community. In fact, it is being used by thousands if not millions of people worldwide. This is because the application works seemlessly with the address book of the devices and there is no need to add a separate section for the […]

AutoRap by Smule released on App Store and Google Play


On July 17, 2012

An application that can make you rap based on your speech does sound good. If you have been looking for one of these and have been failing miserably, then consider getting AutoRap by Smule. For those that are unaware of this developer, they have created a few notable and successful apps which include I am […]

Getting Windows 8 UI Through Metroon


On July 14, 2012

The iPhone is a rather versatile device, especially after you have jailbreak the device. In fact, once jailbroken, there are many things that you can do with your iPhone on which you might not be able to do before it was jailbroken. For example, you can change the themes, make it drag to unlock instead of slide to unlock and many other things. One excellent jailbreak application that you can use uniquely for your iPhone is Metroon and here is why.

Chrome for iPhone and iPad now available


On July 3, 2012

The release of a browser by Google for the iOS devices has been imminent. In the Google I/O Conference last week, the company had finally announced the release of a version of Google Chrome for both iPhone and iPad devices. It is packed with features that will definitely make people to use it just as […]

MobileMe to move to iCloud on June 30


On June 29, 2012

MobileMe can be considered to be a failure for some especially when there wasn’t many users that made use of the service. This may be due to the fact that it is a paid service and some of the features were already made on some free applications on the Apple App Store. Its termination of […]

Facebook App to get “blazing fast” Next Month


On June 28, 2012

The Facebook app that is currently present on the iOS is certainly good but one of its downside is that it is kind of slow. The culprit behind it is poor coding which is made through HTML5. Since Apple has yet to incorporate the Nitro JavaScript engine to the UIWebViews API, the Facebook app becomes […]

Quick Reply Feature for Whatsapp through Jailbreak App


On June 27, 2012

Most often than not, iPhone users would rely more on Whatsapp as compared with the normal messaging application or even the iMessage for instance. However, the bad thing about Whatsapp is that you can’t do any quick reply because that isn’t supported by the application by default. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get […]

Instagram 2.5.0 adds new improvements


On June 26, 2012

Instagram is one of the most-used applications for iPhone and it is to no surprise that it is being improved by the day. The last version of the Instagram was certainly good but it seems that the people behind the app wanted to make it better. Thus, the Instagram version 2.5.0 was released to the […]