Spotify supports high quality streaming – 320kbps


On February 12, 2012

How to make iPhone Apps - Part 1: Xcode suite and Objective-C image 16

Started in Sweden by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify may be one of the most famous applications in the Apple iOS community. Besides offering a free yet limited music streaming service, the company is also offering a premium service which allows phone users to get music streamed to their devices as well. As of […]

Best Weight Loss Applications to Have in Your iPhone


On February 6, 2012

Smartphones like iPhone are no less than great companions that can be your source of entertainment, beauty guide or a weight loss instructor. With many wonderful weight loss applications available for download in the Apple App store, you can easily plan and follow a routine to lose pounds and inches. Here is a list of […]

Best Beauty Apps That Ladies Love

Nobody would have thought of using mobile phones to obtain good looks on the go. Today, iPhone has made it possible through the innumerable beauty applications that it has for its users. From choosing a beauty product to getting a new hairstyle, everything is exactly on finger tips with these applications. Have a look at […]

Time Warner Cable for iPhone, no longer just for iPad


On January 20, 2012

Time Warner Cable previously had an application for iPad and it had gained a lot of popularity amongst its subscribers. This is especially because the users can stream any of the channels available by Time Warner Cable through the iPad application. It was mentioned that there were a lot of requests for an iPhone version […]

Apple education event: iBooks 2, iBooks Author to be released


On January 19, 2012

Apple has previously controlled the mobile market with some of its iOS devices which are the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. With the focus being more in the iPad, Steve Jobs was rumoured to have big plans with that particular device. He envisioned iPad users all around the world to use the device to […]

iPhone apps for those that likes to save on foods


On January 17, 2012

There are thousands of applications on iPhone just about food but there are also a handful of those that may just save the user that extra buck on foods as well. Some of these applications offer up to 50% off for food and in some cases, free meals as well. If you are looking for […]

Whatsapp unavailable in Apple iTunes Store


On January 16, 2012

Whatsapp is one of the must have smartphone application in the planet. Everyday it handles more than 2 billion messages sent from its users and has played an integral part in the daily life of so many people. The application is so prominent that it is said to have replaced text messaging for a lot […]

OnLive Desktop allows user to use Windows 7 on the iPad


On January 13, 2012

There are a few applications which allow the user to use Windows 7 and it all involves virtual machine but a lot of these applications are available for a charge. Some example includes VMWare View which is available for free. Another one that is good to look at is OnLive Desktop.

Instagram products for the wanting users


On January 9, 2012

Instagram is definitely a great application for iPhone users. It speeds up the process of editing by ten folds at times and the results are most often than not, great. In fact, all of the photos are stored online and one of the things that the users can do is to get them printed out […]

CloudOn is available once again on App Store


On January 7, 2012

It isn’t every day when the server is overloaded with request for the application that you’ve developed but apparently that has happened with CloudOn which had to put down their App Store listing for a short while. The server capacity on which they had previously was overloaded and as a result, new ones were placed.