Top 10 Photo Applications for iPhone


On January 6, 2012

After almost a year I used the iPhone 4 as the first phone I got to have a collection of photo applications for iPhone. Most are free applications but some are paid applications and you can find them on the list below. Instagram (free) – is an application that helps you take awesome photos, apply […]

iPhone Siri hacks will soon include Spotify


On January 5, 2012

Siri is really fun to play with and it is also a good application to hack as well. Previously, we’ve seen hacks done by hackers which use proxy to enable other iOS devices to utilize Siri. However, there have also been hacks done to enable a few additional third-party applications to use the voice recognition […]

IOS 5.1 doesn't solve the call-problem ??from your iPhone


On January 4, 2012

If you have an iPhone 4S then it is likely that at least once to be having problems with calls made ??from your device. I still have problems with sound during calls but for some problems related to closing a call or initiate sound a few minutes after starting it.

Zephyr: Jailbreak tweak that works wonders


On January 2, 2012

Cydia is a name known to many iPhone users. It is an app store for iOS devices which are meant for jailbreak devices. In fact, there are many things that make Cydia a favourite amongst many especially when it has a lot of applications which would benefit a lot of iPhone users. However, many of […]

12 Days of Christmas – 12 days of free apps, books, songs, and music videos


On December 26, 2011

Christmas has just passed but hey, there are 12 days of Christmas. In addition to that, Apple also decided to give some free gifts to its customers in Canada as well as Europe by releasing an app called 12 days of Christmas. It’s kind of sad however, that the United States isn’t on the list.

EA Games puts a lot of its games for iPad and iPhone at a discount up to 90%


On December 21, 2011

As if $6.2 billion in online sales globally for this week is not enough, EA Games wish to contribute more to that figure by putting a lot of its applications (games actually) on Apple App Store on sale. The discount on these games may be up to 90% in some cases which is a lot […]

The coolest iPhone applications from 2011


On December 18, 2011

The iPhone, no matter how controversial it is, remains one of the best gadgets. And the AppStore App is the fuel tank of the Apple gadgets. This year, apart from the exclusive and explosive application preinstalled on the iPhone 4S (Syria, of course), iPhone owners have turned to social networking and gaming platforms. Productivity applications […]

Siri improves with new updates and jailbreak updates

Siri is definitely the main application revolving the iPhone, well at least the iPhone 4S that is. The application is simply a hit with so many people and there are hundreds of videos about it on YouTube may it be on how it works or simply about how engaging the application is. There are possibly […]

Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to iOS and Android devices


On December 15, 2011

 Grand Theft Auto is a game known to a lot of gamers out there. In addition to that, it also revolutionized the gaming world when GTA 3 was released around 10 years ago during the PlayStation 2 era. The graphic at the time was one of the best in the market and it was also […]

Making merchandises out of Instagram photos


On December 12, 2011

Instagram is definitely a blessing to a lot of iPhone users as it allow the user to manipulate their photographs instantly through their iOS devices. Once that is done, the user can then upload their photo to the Instagram server. For developers, the API service given by the company allows them to retrieve the users’ […]