Infinity Blade 2 releases, incredible graphics yet repetitive gameplay


On December 11, 2011

The iPhone 4S can definitely deliver some stunning performance but there aren’t many applications that have managed to push it to the max. Infinity Blade has shown what the iPhone can do as it had put everyone at awe with the performance the iPhone can deliver and its sequel, Infinity Blade 2 will be pushing […]

Flipboard for iPhone launched today


On December 7, 2011

Flipboard is one of the iPad applications that are heavily downloaded by its users. It is a unique way to keep track of all the social networking that a user may have as everything is compiled in an interface which looks similar to a magazine. This device was launched for iPad on June 2010 but […]

iPhone 4S Siri is still flawed, undergoing beta versions


On December 4, 2011

The iPhone 4S comes with a great software that is loved by so many people, Siri. The reason behind it is because it isn’t only a virtual assistant but can also be considered a companion to some as well. A lot of its responses are unexpected from a machine and the amount of work to […]

iCloud and its usefulness in iOS 5


On November 30, 2011

iCloud is a online backup and data transfer that Apple has developed in order to offer idevice’s owners the opportunity to use their terminals without it to be connected to a computer. Using iCloud can save almost everything in our iPhoners on the Apple servers, we can save photos in a system called Photostream, we […]

Great 99 cents app for the win!


On November 24, 2011

Good apps don’t mean that they would cost a lot. There are a lot of applications which are comparable with those that are twice or thrice the price but works just as good. The low pricing of these applications give them advantage as compared with their higher priced competitor application. Here are some great 99 […]

New and interesting iPhone Apps


On November 22, 2011

Hundreds of iPhone apps are added weekly and with this we have filtered some of the best and worthy to be put on this blog. Some of these are good applications that are worth mentioning while some has a unique concept which may burst through the market.

Amazing Business Card apps at discount


On November 17, 2011

A concept that I found interesting is the exchange of information through two useful rings. When you shake hands and are at a close distance, they exchange “business cards” between two people. Information can then be viewed. Even if this is a concept, and one quite amazing, is an idea worth applied. I thought about […]

Must have apps for new iPhone users


On November 11, 2011

There are thousands of new iPhone users every day and the number keeps on growing. As like any devices, there are a list of must have applications for new iPhone users and here are some of these applications.

Mint releases mobile app for iPad, 3 years after iPhone version


On November 8, 2011

Mint is a very popular personal finance manager that caters to only US and Canada financial institutions. However, with that being said and done, there are millions of people that rely on it as it gives crucial information as to how someone can save money or even make money in the process. The application is […]

Hot iPhone Apps for the early month of November


On November 5, 2011

The number of apps in the Apple App Store is getting bigger by the day. New applications that are great are being added en masse by the day. Here are some hot applications in the App Store right now.