Google releases official Gmail app for iPad and iPhone but later took it off


On November 3, 2011

Until recently, there isn’t any official application for Gmail on both the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone but that all changed when Google released its new official Gmail app. It can be used by all three devices which utilize Apple iOS operating system and is certainly a great app as well.

Instagram to add new camera features


On November 2, 2011

A lot of iPhone or iPad users would know Instagram, one of the most successful photo sharing applications on the devices. It is simple to use and has a multitude of features available which makes it a favorite amongst a lot of users. It also has a lot of filters which makes photo editing relatively […]

SingTel to publish voice recognition similar to Siri


On October 28, 2011

SingTel, one of Singapore’s largest telecommunication companies has decided to launch an application similar to Siri which may bring competition to the voice recognition system native to the iPhone 4S. The application will be called DeF!ND and is catered mainly to Singaporean users.

Apps that tests the performance of iPhone 4S


On October 26, 2011

The iPhone 4S does have killer specifications: dual-core A5 processor, 8MP camera, accelerated graphics, GLONASS support and many more. Due to its newly launched nature, not many applications have fully utilized these new specifications but there are some that would easily distinguish the performance of the iPhone 4S and its predecessors.

Paid iPhone games for the month of October 2011


On October 8, 2011

Paid games are often fun because they are often well thought out and this uniquely distinct feature is what drives people onto buying iPhone games. Best of all, they don’t cost that much and is affordable to so many individuals. Here are some games that are worth the purchase this month.

Useful iPhone application that is good for all occasions.


On October 1, 2011

There are thousands of iPhone application that are available at the Apple App Store but finding the ones that you must have and installed on your iPhone can be hard because sometimes, there are only a select few that is worth the time.

SEO apps for iPhone devices


On September 17, 2011

SEO or search engine optimization is important for any website so that they can do well. Some people have the need to be in constant touch with SEO tools such as page rank checker, search engine position and many more. The iPhone is accessible to many people and because of this, a lot of SEO […]

New Apps for iPhone and iPad


On September 14, 2011

With hundreds of apps being added by the week, getting the best ones may be hard. We had searched for some of the new apps that are worth being mentioned and here are those that we think is suitable for you to add.

Flash videos to be made available on iPad, iPhones


On September 10, 2011

Apple and Adobe Flash do not have a good relationship with each other. Famous Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad do not support Flash by default and that gives headache to a lot developers because a lot of these produces applications such as games and websites through Flash and since these two […]

Great iPhone Games to Pass the Time


On September 7, 2011

One thing that the iPhone is good for is its games. It features thousands of games with a lot more coming up daily. It is to no wonder that people are craving for the iPhone by the day. From adventure to retro iPhone games, one can definitely get something to pass the time.