(App Review) Fragger – Be A Grenade Launcher Expert


On May 29, 2011

Fragger is an awesome application for all of us. Because an year passed from when the app was launched, to celebrate the 1st birthday, this application is free! Look below for more details: Fragger is a simply guy and his world is at risk. First of all, he needs your help. Your objective is to […]

(App Review) Just Light – A Handy Flashlight


On May 28, 2011

Have you ever dropped something on the night and you didn’t find it because you don’t have a flashlight? Now, you are all set, because Just Light applications is the simplest and one of the most useful applications I have ever seen. If you need a flashlight app that does nothing more but shine a […]

(App Review) The Weather Channel – A Free Weather Application

One of the most sought information on a smartphone is the weather. This app is available for iPhone and came with at least one preinstalled Maps application, but when you want to rely on information, a check of several sources. We recommend the free application from The Weather Channel. Weather forecasts are the most extensive […]

(App Review) Demotivational Pics – For Your Happiness

And here it comes some Demotivational Pics. Even the name of the app is Demotivational Pics and has integrated a large amount of collection of all of the best and most popular demotivational images, chosen from all over the internet, from all the languages and all the people. A huge amount of free hilarious demotivational […]

(App Review) ooVoo Mobile – A Good Way To Communicate

ooVoo Mobile is a free application for your iPhone 4 or even iPod touch but we are talking about iPhone 4 so let’s stay on subject. This awesome free application features 6-way of multi-party video chat that enables you to call up to 5 of your friends, family of your loved ones,¬† you can use […]

(App Review) Lyric Legend – Enjoy The Music

Lyric Legend has the capability to insert the lyrics of the song into your brain. Let me talk about this for a bit. When a song plays, your main objective is to hit the screen quite in time same with the music, if you fail you will start again, and again, until you make it. […]

(App Review) LaDiDa – An Awesome Music App


On May 27, 2011

LaDiDa is one of the best Music App in 15 countries today! And the thought that it is a free app, it gives me shivers. You can even use the iRig Mic to bring the experience of LaDiDa at maximum! Record yourself and create quality studio-songs in just a few minutes. Make the best you […]

(App Review) Sudoku 2 – Learn The Art Of Sudoku

Sudoku 2 comes equipped with a smart system of touch, your main score of points is based on the value of each of your multiplied numbers by a multiplier that decreases in time and the second thing you need to know, the value each of¬†your block, or row, and even the columns needs to be […]

(App Review) Paper Toss – A Great Way To Have Fun

Paper Toss lets you kill your time by throwing paper balls into a basket. I can say that with this app you will not get bored anymore. And anyone can play it, is free! Have you ever been bored at work or at home, gathering a piece of paper and counting about how many times […]

(App Review) Flugtap Pro Lite – Flight For Your Pleasure


On May 26, 2011

Flugtap Pro Lite is a funny application when your main objective is to flight for your pleasure! You need to prepare yourself for a great way of entertainment. Hilarious flights with this free application on your iPhone. You can fly with your own designed plain across those cartoon-styled graphics and enjoy this experience with some […]