Farm story – a very attractive online game


On May 15, 2011

Welcome to the introduction of the¬† application Farm Story . This application gives you the opportunity to¬† grow fruits, raise farm animals, and embellish the most beautiful farms! Farm Story game¬† includes free updates with new fruits, decorations, animals, and more every week!     Farm Story features : – you will be able to […]

Tap Pet Hotel – build your own pet hotel

Are you feeling able to grow your small kennel into a world-class pet hotel getaway? Construct a hotel with special themed rooms for unlocking¬† new pets to stay at your luxury pet resort. Pets can also¬† sleep at the hotel such as¬† enjoying many fun activities     Tap Pet Hotel features : – More […]

TowrCraft – save the middle earth

Men, dwarves, elves, and wizards live in harmony as middle earth prosper‚Ķ the friends of peace and prosperity are working¬† to build and create¬† brighter life ,every day‚Ķ But far away , an evil spirit from a forgotten wasteland, is planning¬† to conquer middle earth, and poisons the hearts of orcs.       Now, […]

Big Pollution Free – save the Gulf from an ecological catastrophe

Your mission in this game is to save the Gulf from an ecological¬† catastrophe by quickly navigating your cap into the deep and seal the broken source. As you go down to the bottom you will¬† dodge, glide, and tilt your way around deep sea creatures and past hazards. It is a highly addictive game […]

Marshmallow Cookie Maker Рit’s the time to roast some marshmallows

ÔªøGet around the campfire because now¬† it‚Äôs the¬† time to roast some marshmallows! And all the people knows that an ooey-gooey, soft, warm, melty marshmallow needs some¬† cookies and chocolate to go with it! Let’s start this camping party to make some irresistible, marshmallowy, delicious treats! All the items are not¬† locked in this game, […]

MetalStorm: Online – best looking multiplayer jet fighting game

Try out¬† one of¬† the best looking, most action packed multiplayer jet fighting game for iOS – MetalStorm: Online! ‚Ä¢it has a¬† real time multiplayer – race¬† against other online players¬† on 3G and Wi-Fi ‚Ä¢ this games includes the next-gen 3D graphics with Retina Display support ‚Ä¢ loads of unique aircraft to choose from […]

Solitaire – your classic game of Solitaire


On May 13, 2011

If you like playing the¬† Windows Solitaire then this is the application for you! Moving¬† cards by draging and droping them ¬† is supported as well as both portrait and landscape orientations,¬† all iPhone Solitaire game¬† support these¬† features. This will represent¬† your classic game of Solitaire for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Also known […]

Bubble Shooter – on of the most easiest game ever

As with all of the Bubble shooting style of games this is¬† one of the most easiest game¬† to play and has simple rules and straight forward play methodology. It is very addictive to play and if you have any work to do , I advise you to finish it before you begin to play […]

Monsterz Revenge – Get ready for a fearsome social gaming fight

Are you tired of zoos and pets? Make yourself¬† ready for a fearsome social gaming fight with Monsterz’ Revenge! The application Monsterz‚Äô Revenge puts a new spin on the “food fight” by bringing you against fast-food franchises that are creeping into your graveyard and stealing your ghoulish customers. Make yourself ready for a showdown by […]

Tap Zoo – Create and care for your very own zoo

Do you feel able to grow your island from a one animal zoo to a world-class safari park? This application¬† will aloud¬† you¬† to purchase items within the game for real money.¬† If you don’t want to use this feature you can disable in-app-purchases on your device.     Create and take care for your […]