13 Best iOS Apps and Games of 2013


On January 6, 2014

2013 has been a great year for the whole app community with graphic-intensive games, many console ports, large number of endless runners, unique productivity apps, great photo editors, promising freemium model games and much more. It was really a hard job to pick only 13 of the phenomenal amount of wonderful apps released this year. […]

The new Shazam for iOS listents all the time in the background


On December 21, 2013

If you still sometimes feel like you’ve missed hearing a song not being quick enough to turn Shazam on, now there will be no problem. Smartphones like Moto X made waves in the industry with its launch a few months ago, in part because it was always ready to take up voice commands. Functions such those […]

10 Best iOS Apps For The Holidays


On December 19, 2013

Since the Holiday season is approaching, we’ve decided to put together a list of 10 best apps for iPhone and iPad, just for smoothing things out for this year’s app gifts. 10. Santa’s Defense A tower defense which is also available in its paid version: here Santa Claus must defeat all opponents who try to ruin […]

Apple: Top most popular Apps, albums and artists in 2013

End of the year is the perfect time for rankings and conclusions, which is why Apple has released the top most popular applications, albums and artists from 2013. With two of the most popular online shops below the belt, Apple is the most appropriate authority to draw our attention to the most popular applications, bands, […]

Instagram 5.0 now allows the transmission of pictures and videos to different people


On December 13, 2013

Instagram application has been updated during the evening to 5.0 version, this update brings a much desired feature for users. It is based on so-called “Instagram Direct” through which users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can send pictures and videos to different people or groups of friends. Using this option if you want to […]

Angry Birds Go! – Karting Game On iOS


On December 12, 2013

In a similar manner to Mario Kart, the people at Rovio launched yesterday a new game, called Angry Birds Go!. There have been a few months since the Rovio released the first subtle references to a new Angry Birds game, completely different from the experiences that we have lived to this hour. Although in recent […]

The New Bing Application Was Reinvented For iOS


On December 7, 2013

One of the few proprietary applications from Microsoft for iOS, Bing for iPad has just received a major update. Just a few days after a similar treatment benefit of the same application from Microsoft for Android, Bing for iPad is updated. First, this version is the first that aligns the aesthetic promoted in iOS 7 […]

WhatsApp Messenger update for iOS 7 is available in App Store!


On December 2, 2013

After more than two months since iOS 7 was launched, here the WhatsApp Messenger app has been updated and optimized for the new OS. This means that we are talking about a new interface that includes design elements that Apple has implemented in iOS 7. So, we have an application with a simple interface. Besides […]

How can you download videos from Facebook directly with your iPhone


On November 30, 2013

Often we are sure that you’ve wanted to download some videos that your friends post on their Facebook account, but unfortunately, the app for iOS does not allow this now. Well, from now on we have a solution for you in this regard until we hope that people from Facebook will bring this feature in […]

In a few days – GTA San Andreas is coming to iOS


On November 27, 2013

If you miss GTA after you lost hours in GTA V on Xbox or PS3, GTA San Andreas will soon arrive on iOS. Two years ago, at the tenth anniversary of the launch of Grand Theft Auto 3 on consoles and PC, Rockstar Games has ported the popular game on iOS, only to shortly arrive […]