Applications To Count Data Are Useless In iOS 7


On June 14, 2013

In the new Cellular menu of iOS 7 was finally implemented the possibility to see which iOS’s applications and services makes data traffic and how much data traffic they did over time. The system implemented by Apple primarily gives us information about data traffic made by applications installed on our devices, but in the background […]

PhotosEnhancer Pro Implements Many New Features To Camera Roll And Interacts With Photos Or Videos


On June 9, 2013

PhotosEnhancer Pro is a tweak released during the night in Cydia and its role is to enhance its way of interacting with photos or videos from your Camera Roll. This tweak gives us the options to hide albums and protect them with a password, to share pictures and videos on multiple social networks or websites, […]

8 Best iPhone Apps To Replace The Default Ones


On June 8, 2013

Apple does wonderful things and is the number one in the build phones and tablets but in some cases from the software point of view they are weak. Even in iOS 6, the stock of default applications, despite improvements, are good but often limited in what they should do. Many people are dissatisfied with default […]

Maps And Navigation For iPhone, 6 Alternatives to Apple Maps


On June 7, 2013

Eventually Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, had to make his excuses for the mediocrity of the current Apple Maps. The ones having an iPhone 5 or another model with iOS 6 can still install an alternative app and download a free browser with maps and other alternative better than the ones from Apple. Alternative applications with […]

5 iPhone Apps To Help You Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


On June 2, 2013

People aspire to great things and hope that they dreams will become reality. Sometimes, for all of this, we need a few small things. We present five applications that give you the start to make your dreams true! 1. Everest This app for iPhone and iPod touch allows users to have unlimited dreams and also […]

The 10 Most Expensive Apps for iPhone and iPad, With Prices Up To 1000 Euros!


On May 31, 2013

Do not be fooled, the crisis they are talking about only serves to scare people to subvert those in power. The ones who have an iPhone or an iPad, and of course, is not the type that counts the money in the wallet before making a purchase will be very happy of this article devoted […]

7 Best Weather Apps for iPhone


On May 28, 2013

Since the weather is one of those things that all of us are interested at some point, we choose to make a list with the best weather applications to find out the temperature and weather forecasts on an iPhone. The iPhone has its own app pre-installed on the phone so you would not really need […]

DimInCall Brings New Options To Control The Screen During A Call


On May 22, 2013

Any smartphone made by a smart manufacturer automatically closes the screen when we are talking on the phone and have our ear close to the device, but iPhones have often had problems with this system. To solve the problem there is now a tweak called DimInCall, it closes the screen automatically when a call is […]

FakeMyChat help you forge messages, phonebook entries calls or GPS locations


On May 13, 2013

FakeMyChat is an application launched later last night in Cydia and with its help we can forge messages or calls entries from GPS locations of several popular applications of our iPhones. For now FakeMyChat can forge messages from the WhatsApp Messenger and Viber applications, calls from the Viber or LINE applications and finally getting the […]

Top 5 Best Video Players for iPhone and iPad


On May 10, 2013

The video content can be handy on iPhone or iPad and each of these iOS application works perfectly on both gadgets. In the Apple App Store there are more solutions for playing multimedia content and often, it is difficult to choose the best of them. Here are the top 5 best video players for the […]