Applications from the App Store have 2 times more problems on iPhone 5S


On October 12, 2013

  In the first minutes of using iPhone 5S, App Store application imprisoned me about 2 times without doing who knows what in it, and since then I have met many applications that had problems running on this device. A study published by an American company confirms problems of applications available in the App Store […]

Does iPhone 5S really bend as in these pictures?


On October 9, 2013

Although it’s hard to gauge the veracity of the images below, it looks like the new iPhone 5S can bend, it looks like yet without serious repercussions. We have no evidence that the iPhone 5S in the pictures is genuine, but seems that doesn’t sit well at its material structure. About a year ago, when […]

The Find My iPhone System Can Be Tricked By Thieves Using Touch ID (Video)


On October 4, 2013

Although Apple has implemented a lot of security systems to protect its iPhone and help us find them in case of theft or delete them quickly, in the video above we can see a method by which these security measures can be overcome. Basically a thief who would steal an iPhone 5S device, enables Airplane […]

iOS 7 Is Automatically Downloaded To Users Devices Occupying Space That Cannot Be Recovered


On September 27, 2013

The OTA Update of the Apple allows us to quickly install software updates released by the company for its devices, it helped to establish a truly impressive adoption rate for iOS 7. Unfortunately this system has a downside, it automatically downloading updates released by Apple, they are automatically available in devices and occupying space without […]

Instagram Embraces iOS 7 Specific Specific Design Lines


On September 26, 2013

In the latest update of the popular app, Instagram aligns its design elements in iOS 7. Immediately after the launch of Apple’s iOS 7 of last week many application developers flocked to update their applications. Given that the Cupertino giant has adopted some design concepts completely different from those used in the past seven years, […]

Sales Of The iPhone – Again In The New Premium League


On September 25, 2013

Even without significant changes at first glance, the new iPhones were sold like hotcakes over the weekend, outperforming the old models. Did not end well on Monday, the first weekend after the launch of new iPhones 5C and 5S, and Apple was quick to release the most important figures on the performance of new models […]

Touch ID Protection System Of The iPhone 5S Can Be Fooled


On September 23, 2013

One of the Features presented in the recently launched iPhone 5S phone is the ID Touch fingerprint reader sensor, Apple in an effort to provide an alternative method of authentication so far, they used a superior to similar implementations by other manufacturers. It did not take too long however until the new Touch ID proved […]

What Hides Inside An Apple iPhone 5S


On September 20, 2013

Apple are known for their lack of interest in the disclosure of specifications and components of its phones and tablets, the curious had to wait for the screwdrivers from iFixit and Chipworks further analysis in order to find out what is hidden inside. As the company acquired the new iPhone 5S, we can now learn […]

iOS 7 Tells You How Much Data Traffic Applications Consume

One of the very important news that iOS 7 implemented in terms of managing the data connection is being able to visualize how much data traffic our applications made, but also system services. Apple moved Cellular Data menu in the very first page of the Settings application, and inside it included a counter that tells […]

Apple Kickstarts Preorder Session For iPhone 5S in China


On September 17, 2013

In keeping with its promise, Apple started during last night a session of pre-orders for the iPhone 5S in China and Hong King, iPhone 5C is available for preorder for a few days, and in a few hours all models in stock were initially pre-ordered by users. Golden version of the iPhone 5S was unavailable […]