After Two Years From Its Launch, Siri Finally Out Of Beta


On September 16, 2013

In 2011, Apple unveiled Siri, a personal assistant initially available only in the iPhone 4S as a beta. When the company makes clear that in all of its promotional materials and even if the assistant was far from perfect, it motivated the company’s competitors to produce similar systems for their smartphones. Although Apple for 2 […]

iPhone 5S In Fashion: Burberry Filming Its New Collection


On September 15, 2013

If has been regarded by many as a fashion accessory, here we have the new iPhone 5S in fashion now. It is used by the British fashion house Burberry to shoot the new collection. In an unprecedented event, Apple has decided to offer one or more of iPhones 5S from Burberry to shoot the new […]

Apple Hires Engineers To Develop iPhones That Charghes Using Solar Energy


On September 14, 2013

After publishing several patents describing various ways were iDevices could be charged using solar energy, well here is that Apple is now seeking to hire engineers capable of producing these devices.  In a job offer published on its website, at Apple lists the skills and future job description, company giving very clear information that they […]

Touch ID Fingerprint Authentication From iPhone 5S Is Safe, Says Apple


On September 13, 2013

The new iPhone 5S started with three major improvements from the previous version, ie processor, camera and the new biometric fingerprint sensor and the last feature has immediately generated questions about this method of securing sensitive data. Apple has bent their ear to these questions and assures us that we have nothing to fear. According […]

All About Apple iPhone 5S Camera


On September 12, 2013

Apple kept the same design for iPhone 5S, but the new phone comes with a more performant camera. From a bigger sensor and a smaller aperture to new features, iPhone 5S camera brings many improvements that will surely be appreciated by anyone, not just amateur photographers. Even if the camera sensor of iPhone 5S remained […]

Apple Touch ID Explained – One New Function To iPhone 5S


On September 11, 2013

Launch of the iPhone 5S was devoid of surprises, so that the most important function of the new iPhone 5S is fingerprints scanning for security. Touch ID will be available on the new Apple gadgets with a special sensor included in each iPhone’s Home button. The combination of 4-digit password and fingerprint holder ensures a […]

iOS 7 Will Be Available From September 18, iWork, iPhoto And iMovie Are Free For New Customers

Along with the new iPhones 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple announced yesterday evening that the operating system iOS 7 has been completed, it will be available to users since September 18. On this occasion, the company also announced something unusual for them: Free things. As we know from the moment of presentation, iOS 7 brings […]

iPhone 5C. Low-cost Version Of The Phone Was Released. Price, Specification Hit The Stores

For US, the prices of this phone with a 2 year contract are starting from $99. The cheap iPhone 5C version of the Apple phone was launched at the event held at the company’s headquarters in California, with iPhone 5S model.

iPhone 5S. Spectacular Processor, Better Camera, Fingerprint Sensor. Photo Gallery, Price And Specifications


On September 10, 2013

Tonight Apple released the iPhone 5C, a cheaper phone that has about the same specs with the iPhone 5. iPhone 5S made its entrance on stage Tuesday at an event held in Cupertino, California, at Apple.

The First Manual For iPhone 5S Confirm Implementing A Fingerprint Reader

Expected timing of tens of millions of iDevice owners is quickly approaching, tonight Apple will be launching the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7. We already know that the iPhone 5S will contain a A7 chip, a fingerprint reader, a camera with better image sensor, a high-capacity battery, we found out that the design […]