iOS 7 And Its Launch On 10 September


On August 28, 2013

From a few days ago, on internet is circulating a rumor that Apple would release iOS 7 on September 10, the day following to include iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Although some are beginning to give credibility to this information, in reality the chances that iOS 7 will occur then are extremely low, even if […]

A7 Processor From iPhone 5S Will Be 31% Faster Than The A6, 64-bit Architecture Is Not Excluded


On August 27, 2013

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to make an appearance next month, but if we have already seen samples of their carcasses and internal components, hardware platforms are still enigmatic. Rumors say that iPhone 5C could be just like the current iPhone 5 repackaged in a housing made of plastic, and the flagship iPhone […]

iPhone 5S And 5C, New Images Appeared On The Web – iPhones Are Left With Only A Few Secrets


On August 26, 2013

There are still two weeks until the official launch of the two devices, so the internet is full of rumors. Apple fans eagerly awaiting the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C can make an idea of how the future smartphones will be by studying the images that have appeared before the big event. There […]

Paragon – One Of The Best Windows Phone 8 Themes For iOS


On August 25, 2013

If you ever had the desire to test Windows Phone 8, but have not found a device yet, then perhaps you will be interested to implement an operating system theme on your iPhone.   Paragon is the name of a very interesting theme that mimics the Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft and change iOS’s interface […]

Status Message On Your iPhone – Good Idea Or Violation Of Privacy?


On August 24, 2013

According to a new patent registered by Apple, iPhone series mobile phones could receive support for status messages visible in the address book of friends. Patent application entitled “Methods for determining the availability of a mobile phone user base status” describes how to use a style of status message posted on social networking and instant […]

The iPhone 5C Model – First Official Image


On August 23, 2013

With the launch of an Apple signed device, some accessory manufacturers get to prepare its models compatible products. Although it is just a piece of colored plastic, it fails to confirm a number of rumors emerged so far about the affordable smartphone from Apple. As you see in the image below it will have rounded […]

How Can A Malware Affects The Credibility Of Apple App Store?


On August 22, 2013

Apple application store is the target of criticism concerning the security measures used to verify new applications. A team of American programmers created a potentially malicious application that passed Apple verification and has become available on the App Store. The experiment took place in March and programmers from Georgia Tech University, used the application a […]

iPhone 5S And Cheaper iPhone 5C Version – Officialy Launched Together Next Month


On August 21, 2013

Apple is preparing to launch two iPhone models simultaneously, the first being the successor to the current iPhone 5 phone offered in a metal case and equipped with a powerful camera equipped with dual-LED flash. Perhaps the most interesting for fans could be the iPhone 5C model, the budget iPhone version phone. According to sources […]

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 – Fingerprint Reader, Keeping The Home Button Design


On August 20, 2013

Obtaining confirmation from multiple sources within Apple or close to the company, the people at 9to5mac said tonight that inside the iPhone 5S device is to be found a fingerprint reader. Although it was said that the Home button of iPhone 5S to be convex, it seems that Apple will keep the design intact, the […]

iPhone 5S Will Be Released In A Golden Version This Autumn


On August 19, 2013

The long list of rumors regarding the possible launch of a gold iPhone 5S adds today the TechCrunch information of famous American blog managed by multiple sources tp confirm that the device will be available in a gold version. The color will be similar to the one you see in the picture, will resemble slightly […]