iPhone 5S Would Include A Higher Capacity Battery


On August 18, 2013

We already know that iPhone 5S will include a lot of interesting and important features, and one of them is a high capacity battery. Basically, in the iPhone 5S is expected to be implemented a 1600 mAh battery with 156 mAh higher than that of the iPhone 5, so we’re talking about a 10% credit […]

MIT Researchers Manage To Sneak A Malware Named Jekyll In An Application Published In App Store


On August 17, 2013

Researchers from the prestigious M.I.T. University have attempted to demonstrate that the process of reviewing applications for the App Store is not as safe as the company claims, according to them, the test was a success. They were based on the fact that the program automatically checks for App Store applications spend a few seconds […]

iPhone 5S Will Be Available In A Gold Version With A7 Chip, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, Better Camera, 128 GB Storage Space And More


On August 16, 2013

Analyst who offered so far the best information about unreleased devices from Apple released yesterday a report that describes its predictions about the iPhone 5S. According to it, iPhone 5S will contain an A7 chip, ARMv8 processor and 1 GB RAM LPDDR3 (on iPhone 5 is LPDDR2), 8 megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture and dual […]

Yellow Version Of The Future iPhone 5C Housing – For The First Time


On August 15, 2013

After several rumors remain unconfirmed, it seems that both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will debut on September 10, when Apple would have to show not only changes in its popular iPhone, but the new model proposed on the market with a lower purchasing power. Until then, the list of information, photos and informal […]

Apple iCloud Goes After iOS 7 And Switches To A New Interface

iOS operating system will soon jump to version 7, which will bring the first major design change since its launch, so it was expected that the iCloud online service to go through the same transformation. Available now in beta, it offers iOS users the ability to see the direction iCloud is heading. The most important […]

iOS 7 Jailbreak Solution – When You Can Expect It


On August 14, 2013

LSATmax at appbackr

We learned yesterday that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be featured on September 10 and I said that by September 20 we should have iOS 7 final released via iTunes. Now, given that the final iOS 7 will be released soon, many expect a jailbreak solution for their devices to make its appearance […]

iPhone 5S Has Limited Devices Available On Its Launch Day


On August 13, 2013

We know that the iPhone 5S will be presented on September 10 by Apple with iPhone 5C, but the device could be available in limited quantities on its launch day. The folks at Digitimes say that the manufacture problems of fingerprint reader could mean that only 3-4 millions devices would be available on the launch […]

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 Will Be Released On September 10 – Hope To See iPhone 5C There Too


On August 12, 2013

According to anonymous sources cited by AllThingsD, the future iPhone mobile will be revealed on September 10, which could hardly be called a surprise, considering that the previous generation was announced in the same period. What should we expect but in this event? The main star is the iPhone 5S, next generation of the Apple […]

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C – New Images Of The Final Version Of Its Carcasses


On August 11, 2013

Today a Vietnamese website, which in the past published pictures of the actual unreleased Apple devices today released a series of images that shows iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Of course we are talking about the device covers, being taken from a maker of accessories that has sketches from Apple’s partners and made components exactly […]

iOS 7 And The New iCloud Backup Feauture


On August 10, 2013

iOS 5 beta 7 was released on Monday by Apple and among implemented updates of the company to its users include a change in how backups are installed in iCloud. If in iOS 6, Cloud applications were automatically installed when choosing to install a backup in iOS 7 things are totally different. Now installing a […]