The U.S. Government Is Testing A New Anti-Theft System On iOS 7


On July 21, 2013

Apple has implemented Activation Lock in iOS 7, which we have spoken a few time about it, completely blocking an iDevice system that has been stolen, if the owner activate this interface via Find My iPhone. The terminal will not ever be enabled without introducing Apple ID and password of the rightful owner, and the […]

iPhone Lite Would Be Available In Two Versions With Different Processors


On July 20, 2013

News about the iPhone Lite continues to occur, and today we learn that the device would be available in two versions with separate hardware configurations. They have code names like Zenvo or Zagato/Bertone, and the difference between them should be in processors that Apple would use. Zenvo would have a H5P dual-core processor of up […]

The Reason That Apple Might Delay The Launch Of The iPhone 5S


On July 19, 2013

According to information circulated by sources close to the industry, Apple could delay the iPhone 5S for later this year. According to revelations made by Commercial Times publication, the complaint raised by the company is a last minute change to the configuration of the phone. The 4-inch screen met at the iPhone 5 model is […]

iPhone 5S – A Fingerprint Reader Could Be Directly Implemented In Its Screen

iPhone 5s would incorporate a fingerprint reader, at least this gives us to understand the latest rumors about future Apple device. If until now it was rumored that the terminal would have the sensor included in the Home button, the components appeared on the internet have disproved this theory. In the absence of an explanation, […]

iPhone 5S – When Can You Expect Its Release?


On July 18, 2013

In the past week we have been inundated with rumors that are related to iPhone 5S, in the alternative about iPhone Lite and the other day we learned that Apple has already started to produce the future device. Apple generally requires commencement of manufacturing for new products about 2 months before their release on the […]

Google Maps 2.0 Is Available On iOS – New Web Interface Is Accessible To Anyone


On July 17, 2013

A week ago, Google announced the launch of the new version of Google Maps. If Android users have been enjoying it almost immediately, iOS users had to wait until today. On this occasion, the new Web interface, which was only available on an invitation, became accessible to everyone. From failing its launch last year and […]

Apple Started The Manufacturing Process Of The Cheap iPhone


On July 16, 2013

Like we’ve wrote a few days ago Apple will begin production of the iPhone 5S terminals earlier this month, but now we find that production of the Cheap iPhone would have started already. The terminal would be sold at a price between $300 – $400, that will not be quite as cheap as it is […]

iPhone 5S Will Be Available In Limited Quantities At Launch Due To Fingerprint Reader Problems

Implementing a fingerprint reader in iPhone 5S was one of the constants of rumors about the future terminal, but I have not yet seen the component that would be part of the device. Even so, its implementation is still presented as a sure thing, but unfortunately it seems that would affect the initial availability of […]

iPhone 7 Will Have An A9 Chip Manufactured By Samsung Under A New Agreement With Apple


On July 15, 2013

Although Apple has signed an agreement with TSMC for the production of A8 chips made for future terminals like iPhone 6, iPad 6 and iPad Mini 3, people at Apple have reached an agreement with Samsung to produce in 2015 A9 chips for iPhone 7, iPad 7 and iPad Mini 4. The chip will be […]

Apple Buys United Microelectronics Corporations – Planning To Produce Its Own Chips

As we all know by now, Apple and Samsung are facing a dispute lately. And last ongoing disputes that concern the two companies haven’t finished yet. Of course we are talking about the appearance of well known fact that Samsung produce chipsets presented in iOS devices. There have been a number of rumors that Apple […]