Cheap iPhone vs iPhone Lite – Which Is The Real One? (Pictures)


On July 14, 2013

A week ago the below terminal image appear in a clip we thought that is the true Cheap iPhone that Apple is expected to launch in a few months. It was received by an Asian company, which now sells Android in its base which looks absolutely identical, but offers Android experience. In not many days […]

iOS 7 Will Allow Us To Share Any File Via Bluetooth or WiFi!

For years iDevice users ask Apple to implement the ability to share any kind of files via Bluetooth with any mobile devices and in iOS 7 the company responds to these claims and extent these demands by implementing AirDrop. The system will allow us to share files over WiFi or Bluetooth with any iDevice that […] – iOS App For 100% Secure Photo Sharing


On July 13, 2013

A new iOS app offers a safer way to show photos to your Facebook friends. allows setting an expiration date for photos which may be available only to your carefully chosen Facebook friends.

iOS 7 Could Provide Slow-Motion Video Recording At 120 fps


On July 11, 2013

Another beta update for iOS 7 means more features that have been announced at WWDC, but were planned for future iOS devices. Now there are reports that Apple plans to use the slow-motion video recording device in its own future. Theory is difficult to test because no actual iOS device does support this feature. During […]

App Store – Full Of Useless Applications That No One Downloads Them

The App Store dedicated to owners of Apple tablets and phones is apparently infested with Zombies applications that do not appear in lists of recommendation provided by Apple and are only rarely downloaded by someone, their presence is justified only for artificially inflating the official statistics collection of available applications. According Adeven, a company specialized […]

In iOS 7 iPhone Applications Are Automatically Displayed On iPad Non-Retina Screen


On July 10, 2013

One of the subtle changes not mentioned of the iOS 7 is related to the system that enables the display on the iPad of apps made for iPhone, Apple improves the engineering and the graphics mode available in them. Specifically, iPhone applications are automatically displayed full screen on iPad tablets that do not have Retina Display, […]

Free Apps For The Fifth Anniversary Of The Apple App Store Launch


On July 9, 2013

Android versus iOS market share for freemium game apps

The App Store will celebrate five years of opening in July 10, and even though Apple has not made any public announcement until now, the list of applications already include a number of interesting gratuities. None of the descriptions or gaming applications that are free at the moment does not provide an explanation for this […]

The Cheap iPhone Comes With The Disappearance Of 3.5 Inch Screens


On July 8, 2013

An alleged prototype of the cheap iPhone, developed by Apple, was presented yesterday by an Asian forum and there we first saw exactly how should the terminal look like. Given that it is presented as a cheap version of iPhones, many would have expected the terminal to have a 3.5 inch screen which would allow […]

iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 Will Enter Into Production In August


On July 7, 2013

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are future versions of iPad tablets available on the market now, they are going to be launched with substantial changes in design, but also with a new hardware. According to information published recently, both tablets expected to go into production at Foxconn since August, the most likely launch was […]