iOS 7 Allows Us To Control Devices Using Simple Head Movements


On June 27, 2013

One of the important iOS 7 updates is the ability to control our devices using simple head movements, Apple took over this part of the functionality available in the Samsung Galaxy S4. If there could use gestures to browse the internet or a web page, here Apple gives us the ability to control almost any […]

Apple Begins To Promote iOS 7 Matching Functions For Companies

In the business segment, Apple is leading in terms of adoption rate of iOS and its devices, many large companies implementing these types of devices in their own departments. Offers several new features in iOS 7, Apple begins to promote the benefits of its operating system for companies and have listed it here. Strengths of […]

With Its Camera, iOS 7 Can Detect Smiles And Not Only Yhat


On June 26, 2013

Apple has promised that it will give developers more APIs in iOS 7, the company keeps its word, and developers now have the ability to make applications for iOS 7 which knows when you smile or wink. These new APIs have been implemented in iOS 7 beta 2, and applications can be distinguished individually a […]

iPhone 5S – With A7 Chip, 1 GB RAM and Dual LED Flash


On June 25, 2013

Last week we saw the whole internal structure of the iPhone 5S terminal thanks to pictures that showed what appeared to be the next device, and today we learn that find the A7 chip from Apple in it. Although the chips from images were not branding A7 that many expected to see, codes recorded on […]

iOS 7 Beta 2 Has Been Released By Apple – Download It Now

Confirming everything we thought about Apple’s strategy, iOS 7 Beta 2 was released earlier this evening by the Cupertino Company. The new version of the operating system can be installed on any device that ran it in the past, and yet we do not know exactly what updates were implemented by the American company. Given […]

Apple Preparing To Launch iPhone 5S With Massive iPhone 5 Discounts


On June 24, 2013

In the last days many major U.S. retailers and some mobile operators in the U.S. have started to reduce the sale price of iPhone 5 terminals by 50%, it is of course made with the consent of Apple.  AT&T, Best Buy, Walmart and other big names in U.S. retail offers iPhone with few tens of […]

iPhone 5S Images – Higher Battery Capacity, Dual LED Flash And New Components


On June 21, 2013

Those who were expecting that Apple iPhone 5S to come with some news about the design will be quite disappointed. An image with the front side of the next Apple smartphone, published by confirms that the device will not make any aesthetic changes to the previous model. No one can make the difference in […]

The "Cheap" iPhone Will Have A Higher Selling Price


On June 20, 2013

Pegatron CEO, one of the companies contracted to produce the cheap iPhone that Apple is going to launch later this year, said yesterday that the device will have a high sale price. The statements were made during the general meeting of the company he runs, he invalidating low price for the device, although most rumors […]

iOS HotSpot Cracker Can Crack Personal Hotspots Passwords In Tens Of Seconds


On June 19, 2013

Personal Hotspot is an implemented system by Apple about 2 years ago, and it allows us to transform our devices into real Wi-Fi hotspots to share a mobile internet data connection with other devices. Although Apple praise its operating system security, it looks like the Personal HotSpot does not receive the same words from Nuremberg […]

Apple Could Implement A New Passive Cooling System To Its Devices

Apple, Samsung or HTC would be just a few of the companies that would be interested in using passive cooling systems to their new smartphones and tablets, at least that’s what DigiTimes claims. Asian publication says that these companies may implement in future mobile terminals thin pipes that could dissipate heat from the internal components […]