6 things that have disappeared due to the iPhone


On January 14, 2014

With the advent of the iPhone, several social environment elements were affected. We present six things that have disappeared with the advent of the iPhone. 7 years ago, the CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, showed the phone of the future, iPhone. At that time, in 2008, Jobs wanted to achieve by the end […]

SleekSleep Tweak Allows us to turn on the screen with proximity sensor


On January 12, 2014

SleekSleep is a new tweak released in Cydia which allows us to turn on or off the iPhone screen with a simple hand motion in front of the proximity sensor. SleekSleep offers a number of configurations available in the Settings menu. Setting Sensor Insomnia activates the proximity sensor when the iPhone has the screen off, […]

iOS 8 Infinity Concept shows an iOS 8 that you’ll probably love


On January 10, 2014

iOS 8 will be presented in about 6 months by Apple, but until then we will certainly learn many details about it, including information on possible design changes prepared by the company. Meanwhile we see a concept of iOS 8 which should turned into a theme for your iPhone or iPod Touch, it featuring an […]

iPhone 6 has as a codenamed iPhone Air. It is extremely thin


On January 9, 2014

A Korean website writes that Apple is working hard on the future model that will most likely be launched in the second half of the year. When launched, the iPhone 3GS had a thickness of 12 mm. The new iPhone 5S measures only 7.6 mm. Korean news site ET announce now that the code name […]

Turn your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S in thermal video camera


On January 8, 2014

Named Flir One, this is a very special casing for iPhone, able to turn your mobile phone into a real camcorder imager, which detects heat sources up to a distance of 100 meters, filming including through walls or closed curtains. Infrared footage are played directly on your mobile phone, highlighting heat sources using a palette […]

CES 2014 – Mophie Space Pack – First iPhone 5S case with external battery and storage space (Video)

At CES 2014, people from Mophie didn’t miss the opportunity to present a new iPhone case, Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5S is the first case with included external battery and storage space. Mophie Space Pack addresses the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S owners. It is a most special cover that has three functions: phone […]

iPhone 6 will come in two sizes – For large and small pockets


On January 7, 2014

Or at least that’s what Foxconn sources say, the Chinese company that manufactures Apple phones.¬†There will be a small iPhone 6 and a big iPhone 6, says those at Foxconn factory under Apple’s contract. The information appeared on Chinese Weibo platform, where several people inside Foxconn would have revealed this secret. It seems that there […]

Apple is preparing a series of giant iPhones called phablets


On January 6, 2014

With 5.7 inch or larger screens, the new iPhone phone series could be announced in May 2014, earlier than the top of the range iPhone 6 planned for September. Framed in a more affordable price, the new phablet from Apple uses the same chipset and model met at iPhone 5S, leaving the A8 variant with […]

Intelligent people use iPhone. See the test rankings


On January 5, 2014

A British company has created an online test for smartphones owners, users resolving it in 94 seconds, while those from BlackBerry finished it in 118 seconds. The mobile phone is no longer just utility or displaying a welfare state, recently helping us evolving. That shows a test involving more than 2,000 smartphone users, a test […]

Here’s how you can change almost any text from iOS 7 LockScreen


On January 3, 2014

After launching evasi0n7 and updating Cydia tweaks, various alternatives have emerged that allow changing the text present in iOS 7 LockScreen, but the options are limited. You can only change what the tweaks are offering, but further than that you can’t change anything. If you have patience, however, you can change most of the text […]