Possible Screen Of iPhone 5S In The First Image


On June 18, 2013

Yesterday, the motherboard we should see it in the iPhone 5S has appeared on the Internet and during this night have emerged including images that supposedly would show us the screen of the next device. If the motherboard published yesterday gave to understand that the iPhone 5S will have implemented a larger chip than that […]

Official Game Controller Picture For iOS 7


On June 17, 2013

Shortly after Apple unveiled the requirements to be met for gaming accessories compatible with iOS 7 devices people at Kotaku have revealed what appears to be the first game controller “Made for iPhone”.

iOS 7 And Future Jailbreak Solutions Exploits

With many months before iOS 7 presentation at the WWDC 2013, Evad3rs and p0sixninja announced that they had prepared based exploits from which could be developed a jailbreak solution for the new version of the operating system. It’s been a week since then and so far none of the two entities doesn’t tell us if […]

Apple Is Preparing A Series Of Important Changes For Gamers Who Use Game Center


On June 16, 2013

If you are one of the nearly 300 million users that actually uses Game Center platform from Apple daily, well Apple has prepared a series of important changes for you. The company plans to completely eliminate cheaters that displays fake scores in Game Center, but there are also numerous improvements in terms of multiplayer mode. […]

Interest In iOS 7 Beta 1 Is Double That Recorded For The iOS 6 Beta


On June 15, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 1 was released Monday by Apple, and those from Chitika monitored the evolution in the U.S. and Canada to see how much are the users interested to test the new version of the operating system. Their monitoring showed that 0.22% of iDevice owners in the U.S. and Canada are running iOS 7 […]

Apple Plans To Launch 4.7 and 5.7 inches iPhones, plus the $99 Model


On June 13, 2013

According to Engadget, citing Reuters, Apple may turn to a major strategic move in 2014. The company could hit the market next year with two new iPhone models which at first glance have nothing to do with the current strategy of the Apple design. Sources quoted by news agency say that Apple has planned an […]

All About The New iOS 7 – Apple Innovation


On June 11, 2013

After maintaining the same GUI since 2007, iOS is was at the moment when we needed a big change. It happened and it comes in the form of iOS 7 with a new design and improved functionality. The operating system is not revolutionary but is rather inspired by the vision of webOS and Windows Phone […]

Here's How To Improve The User Experience Of iOS 7 with only 3 Settings and Larger Dynamic Type

The transition to iOS 7 will be difficult for many, especially as Apple has implemented many changes and not very many of them are good news. If you still want to make from iOS 7 something lighter to watch and understand, then with a few settings you can improve the user experience. Apple gives us […]

Apple Shows The New Mac Pro


On June 10, 2013

Although it was said the Mac Pro will be launched at WWDC 2013, Apple wanted the whole world to know now about the Mac they were working on at the moment. What amazes us from the start is its design, Apple chose to completely change the way its Mac Pro looks and the above image […]

iOS 7 Will Be Launched Today In Beta Version Only For iPhone

The entire suite of interesting news from iOS 7 includes a blacklist system which Apple has not said anything about. In the picture were APIs was presented, the ones that developers can use for applications, those at Apple included a blocking API that allows FaceTime calls, voice messages and iMessage, but unfortunately gave no details […]