iOS 7 Will Allow Us To Make Voice VoIP Calls Through FaceTime – Among Others


On June 10, 2013

As of iOS 7, iDevice users will be able to make voice VoIP calls through FaceTime, this option was unavailable in the past. Apple is trying to provide functionality that a lot of applications from the App Store gives users but now it will be available directly from the iOS. Perhaps the system will operate […]

Apple Shows iOS 7 – Multitasking, Control Center, Camera, Airdrop, Photos!

Just as one would expect, Apple announced iOS 7 tonight and the icon shows as clear as can be that we will have all the changes presented in rumors so far. The new iOS 7 contains a completely modified design, new plate icons, the system that change the screen orientation depending on how you hold […]

Apple Announces Safari 7 For OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks could not come without a major important Safari version, so Apple has announced the official launch of Safari 7 for Macs. The new version offers more functionality to the browser’s sidebar so you can now see both the Reading List, and bookmarks but also quickly share information. Apple says that the new […]

Apple Announces OS X Mavericks With Finder Tabs, Tags and Multiple Displays

Tonight, Apple announced the launch of OS X Mavericks, an important change to the classic feline names we are used to. One of the first news announced by Apple is the Finder Tabs, and this function allows you to group in tabs multiple Finder’s windows, each with its own interface setting, each with its own […]

What We Already Know About The Apple WWDC 2013 Launch

The first Apple event from the iPad mini launch in October 2012 takes place today, June 10. Some expected news at WWDC 2013 are disclosed with a lot of details in the recent days, so Apple surprises could be reduced. Information from multiple sources already confirmed that Apple event in San Francisco include details about […]

iPhone 5S's Fingerprint Reader Could Be Located Separately From The Home Button


On June 9, 2013

Multiple rumors emerged so far suggesting that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint reader with which Apple intends to secure our devices and eventually allowing us to pay from our iPhones and iPads. So far it has been suggested an idea that this fingerprint reader will be part of the iPhone 5S Home button, […]

iPhone 5S – The FaceTime Camera, Home Button and Vibrator Motor Appear In New Images


On June 8, 2013

The round of rumors about iPhone 5S begins today with three putative important components¬†for the new device, all new and in different configuration than on the iPhone 5. In the first image you can see the front camera or FaceTime of iPhone 5S, it should be able to make Full HD calls, at least according […]

Apple Is Preparing To Sell A Cheap iPhone In Different Colors And An iPhone 6 Of 4 Inches


On June 7, 2013

Rumors about the possible launch of a cheaper iPhone continue to occur, U.S. analysts claiming that the terminal will be available on the market just before the much anticipated iPhone 5S. The terminal would be produced in 5 different colors and certainly would be cheaper than the current line of iPhones, Apple Partners are preparing […]

Safari 7 Will Be Launched With iOS 7


On June 5, 2013

Sonny Dickson is the man who provided the whole world probably the first picture in which we’ve seen the real homescreen of the iOS 7, and now he says that Safari 7 will make its appearance. Since Dickson published so far information on Apple devices, it’s unlikely to be talking about Safari for desktops, but […]

Apple Begins To Change iPhone 5 Screens In Their Stores


On June 4, 2013

We told you in the last week that Apple is preparing some important changes to the offering guarantees system for its devices, and one of them was implemented starting today. Apple now offers to U.S. customers the opportunity to replace the iPhone 5 screen for a price of $150, the option is available separately from […]