Google Now On iOS


On May 2, 2013

Google announced yesterday that the Google Now assistant, one of the most exciting software products launched by the company on the Android platform is now available on the iOS platform in the Google Search application, compatible with both iPhones mobile phones but also tablets. Google Now gives iOS users using different Google accounts the possibility […]

iPhone 2G and Many Other Apple Products Will Not Be Repaired in The Apple Store's Starting June 11


On April 30, 2013

iPhone 2G is the popular name of the first model of the iPhone, a terminal which was released in 2007 by Apple. 6 years later, the people at Apple have decided that the terminal is obsolete and should be removed from use, so they refused to order the shop to repair the device, citing the […]

iOS 7 Will Contain Radical Design Changes

Jony Ive for months the team leader that develops iOS 7 codenamed Innsbruck, and it seems that he has ordered a radical change in the operating system design. Several people, who had the opportunity to use iOS 7 or received information about it, say that the new design resembles to the Metro interface of Windows […]

iPhone 5S Available for Preorder on June 20 – According to a Mobile Operator


On April 29, 2013

iPhone 5S, the future Smartphone from Apple, would be available for preorder on July 20, according to an internal document of the KDDI Japanese mobile operator. The document was intended only to employees of the company and it implies that the device would be released in July along with iOS 7, but for now it […]

Cheap iPhone – 10 Different Excellent Colors


On April 28, 2013

For quite a few months now it is rumored that Apple is going to launch iPhones with lots of colored casings, but yet no one can definitely confirm this. Whether it will be talking about the iPhone 6 or the Cheap iPhone, at least one of the devices would be available in at least 5-7 […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 – Battery Life and Graphics Performance


On April 27, 2013

  One of the most important aspects of a smartphone is its battery life and many people complain that their devices are having issues in this regard, manufacturers can not quite give interest to solve a very complicated problem.

WWDC 2013 Tickets Were Sold In Just Two Minutes


On April 26, 2013

Tonight Apple has put on sale tickets for WWDC 2013 thousands of developers rushing to buy a place in their conferences that Apple employees will hold in San Francisco. Since Apple announced yesterday that tickets will be on sale starting today, all were sold in just two minutes. In the past it took 12 or […]

iPhones Will Now Help You Find And Start Your Car


On April 25, 2013

Apple spends increasingly more money on research and development, I talking here about a good example of the results obtained by the Company from these investments. Today Apple has published an application that is trying to patent a technology that allows us to quickly find the location where we parked our car. The company’s technology […]

Apple Promises Completely New Products Starting In The Fall – But Not A Bigger iPhone


On April 24, 2013

With the financial results announced yesterday evening, Tim Cook said that Apple is preparing a series of new products that will be part of a different category than the traditional ones. They will be released starting this fall and the news will continue to appear until the end of next year. At this point, Apple […]

iPhone 5S would reach the market later because of fingerprint reader problems


On April 22, 2013

Last week we heard the first rumors about the delaying of the iPhone 5S launch due to production problems, and now Reuters comes to prove this.