ConceptOS iPhone 5 – One Of The Most Interesting Themes Lately Released in Cydia


On April 8, 2013

ConceptOS iPhone 5 is a new theme that aims to change the way you use your iPhone and already installed applications. The theme is designed to work only on iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G, and as you can see from the pictures, the aspect of Springboard is the one that takes part of the […]

First images of the iPhone 5S. Are they actually true?


On April 6, 2013

The successor of iPhone 5 is a real hot rumor, and the last picture shows something entirely different from what we got used from Apple in recent years. While most sources talk about an iPhone 5S design almost unchanged from its predecessor, in this image we can see a prototype of a product that seems […]

iRadio Would Be Freely Available Internationally


On April 5, 2013

iRadio is a new music streaming service that Apple is trying to conquer a market where Pandora and Spotify are kings, but unlike the two American companies, Apple would intend to provide free services internationally. Apple is close to concluding agreements with Warner Music and Universal Music Group to bring this service to users worldwide, […]

iPhone 5 Could Have A Successor This Summer


On April 3, 2013

Apple management seems to take seriously the competition offered by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG and decided to expedite preparations for the next iPhone version, hoping thereby to strengthen the company’s presence in the smartphone market.

Geolocation Data – Better Than Fingerprints


On April 1, 2013

Mobile terminals generate all sorts of user data, but researchers at MIT have recently published a study suggesting that the data issued by them have a uniqueness greater than fingerprints. Police, for example, can find a with much higher accuracy a perpetrator of a crime from the geolocation data provided by a mobile terminal. Basically […]

Apple Patents the iPhone with Curved Screen


On March 28, 2013

Apple seems to have big plans for future iPhones series. In the most recent application for patent, the company describes a curved-screen iPhone, which seems to surround the entire body of the phone. Possible with the help of a new generation of flexible displays based on AMOLED technology, the design concept may introduce a new […]

Apple plans to implement new features in FaceTime and iMessage


On March 27, 2013

FaceTime and iMessage are two of the most popular features from iPhone, but they are quite simple, it works and that’s all. In market there is a whole suite of related services and applications such as WhatsApp Messenger that makes iMessage to be forgotten very quickly. To improve their services, those from Apple now employs […]

Apple is expected to stop the work with Samsung Display


On March 26, 2013

Samsung was until this year the largest supplier of displays for Apple producs, but everything is going to change, the company from Cupertino is trying to quit from Koreans services. Although Apple has requested quotes from some partners to produce phone-sized screens, which is expected to hit the market in 2013, Samsung Displays has been […]

Apple warns users about applications that offer in-app purchases


On March 24, 2013

In recent weeks we have reported two cases of British children that were able to produce bills of thousands of pounds buying various apps and features in those apps/games via in-app purchases. Apple has been sued because of how inappropriate they warn its users about these in-app purchases, was criticized by the press, and now […]

Apple wants to control iPhone when they fall


On March 23, 2013

Apple recently launched an application for a patent to control how the phone falls down. More specifically, the Cupertino Company wants to change its iPhone position in the air and land with a chosen area on the floor. The reason is simple: protect an expensive device with a relatively fragile construction. Users tend to keep […]