iOS 6.0 Causing Multiple Downloads of Podcasts


On November 15, 2012

iOS 6.0 was released with the iPhone 5 but any Apple user would know that the first version would have a lot of problems. It seems that podcast users that are on iOS 6 would need to upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 or face some dire consequence in terms of data overusage. This was because a […]

iPhone 5S Trial Production Starts in December


On November 12, 2012

The iPhone 5 has yet to be available globally but the news of its replacement is already around. We aren’t talking about the iPhone 6 but rather an iPhone 5S instead. DigiTimes reported that according to the China based Commercial Times, the trial production for the next generation iPhone is expected to start some time […]

iPhone 5 Supplies Now Replenish


On November 11, 2012

It seems that getting an iPhone 5 is now easier. This is because as reported by AppleInsider and Piper Jaffray, getting an iPhone 5 from the store isn’t difficult considering that a lot of them already have stock for the device. In fact, it seems that the demand is now slowly going down and thus […]

iOS dominates touch devices online


On November 10, 2012

You might be wondering as to how dominant touch devices can be today. This is because everyone uses them nowadays and it only makes sense that a large chunk of the mobile internet usage is done on touch-enabled devices. Thus, a study on the use of mobile devices to browse internet was recently done and […]

Some iPhone 5 phones have trouble keeping audio call quality in areas with more background noise


On November 8, 2012

Apple has implemented in iPhone 5 no less than three microphones to provide users with high quality audio calls. Although the device is compatible with HD Voice technology, there seems to be some problems in using the terminal in an area with much noise. In these situations, the call quality is poor, users are saying […]

US Stolen Phones will be Blocked from Major Networks


On November 1, 2012

It makes a lot of sense to report lost phones. In fact, it makes even more sense to do so now considering that reports of phones that are stolen will be now kept in a centralized database. This database is then shared amongst other major networks in the United States so that they can block […]

iPad 4 Sports Highest Mobile Benchmark


On October 30, 2012

The iPhone 5 had a stunning result for the Geekbench benchmark score. It scored a whopping 1500 points which is much higher than most smartphones even though it doesn’t sport a quad-core processor. However, with the iPad 4 on the way to be released, people are anxious to know how well the device fares as […]

November 2 iPhone 5 Launch in Other Countries


On October 28, 2012

Slowly, Apple is expanding the number of countries that is getting the iPhone 5. Earlier, there were rumors that India and Malaysia were expected to get their iPhone on October 26 but that did not happened. However, The Economic Times mentioned that the new date on which India will be getting the iPhone 5 is […]

China generated 15% of Apple's revenue for 2012


On October 26, 2012

China is one of the most important markets of Apple products and despite the fact that there are clones for most terminals, the company earn a lot of money.

Another Government Agency Switches to iPhone


On October 23, 2012

The BlackBerry used to be the device to go to for enterprise solution. However, this may not be the case anymore. As reported by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, they have planned to end their eight-year relationship with Research In Motion on their BlackBerry device. Instead of using the aforementioned device, the agency will […]