Verizon Managed to Sell 650,000 iPhone 5


On October 20, 2012

While some people had claimed that the iPhone 5 might not be as successful as its predecessors, the same cannot be said about the figure that Verizon had published. The company had managed to sell more than 650,000 iPhone 5 during the first nine days that the device was made available for sale. This figure […]

Foxconn reports supply problems for iPhone 5


On October 18, 2012

Foxconn is one of the biggest manufacturing partners of Apple for the production of the iPhone 5. However, there seems to be a problem with the device’s supplies. The main reason for this is because of the intricate of design of the iPhone 5. This means that the company needs to give more time in […]

iOS Apps Are Getting Larger, iPhone Capacity Remains


On October 17, 2012

For some people, it may take some time before they will reach at least 80% of the storage capacity of the iPhone. However, for the power user, reaching that much storage space can be easy especially when there are games that take as much as 1GB worth of storage. In fact, with the increase in […]

Apple Gives Out Invites for iPad Mini Event


On October 16, 2012

The rumors about an iPad Mini has been around since last year but it is only now that the rumor has turned into something true. After months of speculation, Apple is finally sending out invites for a media event which will be held on October 23. The place on which the event will be held […]

Problems with iPhone 5


On October 15, 2012

While the iPhone 5 can be considered to be a success, it is not without some problems. There are a few things that you probably need to know before getting the iPhone 5 so that you won’t be shocked or too troubled by it. While most of these are nothing serious, it can be quite […]

Limiting Ad Tracking on iOS 6


On October 13, 2012

One of the good features that Apple has included in the iOS 6 is the advertising identifier. It replaces the UDID which can be invasive to the user’s privacy. In addition to that, this feature also allows you to stop advertisers from tracking your engagement from your iOS devices. Some of them make use of […]

Apple market value dropped since iPhone 5 launch


On October 11, 2012

While the company mentioned that there has been a lot of success following the iPhone 5 launch, the same cannot be said about the company’s market value. This is because as compared with the time that the iPhone 5 was launched, the market value of Apple has decreased by roughly $70 billion. On Tuesday, the […]

iPhone 5 Supply Unable to Keep Up with Demand


On October 8, 2012

The iPhone 5 can be called a success. During the first 24-hours, it was reported that more than 2 million people had pre-ordered the device. On the same date, pre-order delivery was pushed back to 2 weeks and then to 3-4 weeks. Due to the overwhelming demand, supply for the iPhone 5 was low. As […]

iPhone 5 Purple Camera Problem


On October 7, 2012

The iPhone 5 has the same type of camera as compared with the iPhone 4S but with 25% smaller than the latter. It was hoped that the camera would be just as good as the predecessor but it seems that a problem had surfaced to the users of the iPhone 5. Whenever the camera is […]

When to use “Do Not Disturb”?


On October 5, 2012

One of the new features that is present on the iOS 6 is the Do Not Disturb. It is a feature that is supposed to be available in almost all phones in the market, especially when there are times that we do not want the phone to interrupt us, even if it is a small […]