Rumors: iPhone 5 with A6 processor?


On August 30, 2012

The best processor that you can get out of any iOS device is the A5X processor which is available on the new iPad. In fact, it was first expected that the iPhone 5 will come with a variant of the A5X processor. However, based on a leaked photo of the iPhone 5 parts that were […]

iPad Mini due on another event in October


On August 28, 2012

A lot of people had previously speculated that a new iPad will be unveiled along with the iPhone on this September. However, John Gruber from Daring Fireball stated that to do so would not make much sense as this device would definitely steal the spotlight from the iPhone. That wouldn’t be a good thing either […]

Apple competitors to release products before iPhone launch


On August 25, 2012

Competition is always healthy and the people that benefits from competition is no other than the consumer itself. As such, a lot of Apple competitors are planning to release the products before the expected launch of the iPhone which is rumored to be on September 12, 2012.This is actually quite common because we have seen […]

iPhone Price Drops in Walmart Stores

It seems that a lot of companies are preparing themselves for the launch of a new iPhone. In fact, we have previously covered a few German telecommunication companies taking orders for the upcoming iPhone even when there were no announcements made by Apple yet. In the United States, a few companies are planning to clear […]

Apple to face lack of supply for iPhone 5

The upcoming iPhone 5 has yet to be announced by Apple but people are definitely getting worked up by the device. This is because the iPhone 5 is a device much like the iPhone 4 where it sports a newer design as compared with its predecessor. As it should be expected, Apple will see itself […]

iPhone 4 Prototype on eBay


On August 22, 2012

The iPhone 4 might not mean much today but when it was first released, it was a new breather especially for the iPhone community. This is because the iPhone 4 had a much different look as compared with the iPhones before this. Those that had the iPhone 4 previously saw the immense difference between it […]

Time to Sell Your iPhone 4S


On August 20, 2012

Everytime each year, there will be the right time to sell of your beloved iPhone especially if you are looking forward to the release of a newer iPhone. Well it seems that the time is up for the iPhone 4S and if you have been looking forward to replace the 4S with a newer generation […]

pod2g discovers iPhone SMS spoofing vulnerability


On August 17, 2012

When it comes to iPhone hacks, there are a few noteworthy individuals that have been doing those for quite some time. pod2g is one of these special individuals whom have graced the iPhone world with jailbreak tools such as Absinthe. However, jailbreak isn’t the only thing that he is good at because when it comes […]

Apple to take orders for new iPhone by 12 September


On August 15, 2012

The date for the next iPhone to be announced is nearing because as we mentioned before, 12 September is the date on which the device will be announced to the world. In addition to that, we aren’t just talking about the official announcement but also the pre-orders of the next generation iPhone as well. The […]

iPhone 5 battery just slightly more capacity than iPhone 4S


On August 12, 2012

With a larger or a taller profile, you would expect that the iPhone 5 would have a much higher capacity for its battery. In fact, that added space due to the new design as well as the use of a smaller connector dock would have provided more rooms for the manufacturer to create a better […]