Apple discounts iPhone to suit retailers price


On August 10, 2012

A lot of major retailers in the United States did something that is rarely found in the industry, especially when it comes to Apple products. The iPhone price was slashed by a lot and we are talking about $50 here. This is because the company had given the retailers authorization on slashing the price tag […]

Apple suspends over-the-phone password reset


On August 9, 2012

Hacking are never good and previously, there was a case where Wired’s Mat Honan had his iCloud application hacked as well as his Apple devices remote wiped. While this is a remote case, it still shows how scary hacking attempts can be, especially to someone that relies heavily on computer on his day-to-day activity. Apple […]

iPhone initial prototypes unveiled on Apple-Samsung trial


On August 3, 2012

A lot of things have happened on the Apple-Samsung trial which has been ongoing for quite some time already. Right now it seems that Samsung is at the losing side of the battle since it already had a few devices banned in different countries. However, one of the rather interesting aspect of this trial is […]

Sharp will be manufacturing iPhone 5 display panel


On August 2, 2012

Sharp is well known for its displays and as such, it is to no surprise that Apple gets the display for its devices from the company. When it comes to the next generation iPhone, one of the companies that will be manufacturing the iPhone 5 display panel is Sharp. This statement was said by no […]

Date for iPhone 5 Announcement Known


On July 31, 2012

Everybody has been anticipating a new and better iPhone ever since the release of the iPhone 4S. This is because people expect something new and not just a device that has been upgraded. The iPhone 4S was an upgrade but the next generation iPhone after that will be a new looking device instead.

iPhone 5 Release Might Be Delayed


On July 26, 2012

The next iPhone is due to be released soon and the expected date is sometime around fall. However, there might just be a problem with this date because based on a report made by the China’s First Financial Daily stated that there is currently a shortage of components, especially on the 28 nanometer chips that […]

What a new connector means for the iPhone user


On July 21, 2012

Every iPhone, or iOS device user for that matter, must be familiar with the 30-pin connector which has been present for just as long as anyone can remember. The good thing about using this 30-pin connector is that it supports just about any Apple made devices out there. For the average user, it also means […]

Companies now switching to iPhone from Blackberry


On July 19, 2012

It seems that Research in Motion or b which is the company responsible for Blackberry is in trouble. This is because a few companies are already switching from their product to their competitor’s which is the Apple iPhone. One notable company that is doing so is the Australian aircraft carrier, Qantas and with more than […]

Rundown of iPhone 5 Rumors


On July 18, 2012

The rumors on iPhone 5 have been present ever since the released of the iPhone 4S. This is because people had expected the latter to have something new and not an improved iPhone 4. The rumors have continued ever since and we have a collection of those rumors that will be presented in this rundown […]

iPhone 5 Already in Production


On July 17, 2012

There are a lot of things to look forward with the iPhone 5. This includes a bigger screen, quad-core processors and many more. Even if these are all rumors, with none being stated true by Apple, the sources which are close and reliable makes the possibility of it becoming true is high. In fact, for […]