Food and Drink section added to App Store


On July 13, 2012

Apple App Store has millions of applications in it. In fact, each of them are properly categorized so that it would be much easier for people to discover new apps based on these categories. It is not uncommon for Apple to add new categories based on the availability of of the application for that particularly […]

Vendors from China taking order for iPhone 5


On July 12, 2012

The release date of the iPhone 5 is yet to be known but it seems that a lot of people have been getting worked up about it. This is because the new iPhone is expected to look better and sport a bigger screen as compared with other iPhone version. In fact, some people are so […]

iPhone 5 Engineering Sample Photos Leaked


On July 11, 2012

A picture tells a thousand word and in the case of iPhone rumors, a picture do explain a lot of things. That is why when a leaked photo of the next iPhone 5 was made available on the internet, things tend to get a bit heated up especially when there is now evidence of the […]

Rumor collections of the new iPad mini


On July 8, 2012

The rumor mill about the upcoming iPad mini has been rolling for quite some time already. In fact, it is enough to create a list of rumors on everything that has been said about the future device. If you haven’t heard about the iPad mini then you might want to continue reading because this pretty […]

Next-gen iPhone to feature quad-core processor


On July 6, 2012

While the fastest smartphone today comes with a quad-core processor for quite some time already, the case is not the same with the iPhone. The latest version, which is the iPhone 4S, makes use of only the dual-core processor. Even then, people have already said good things about the performance of the iPhone 4S. Nevertheless, […]

iPad Mini to come with IGZO display by Sharp


On July 4, 2012

Rumors of a smaller iPad have always been there for a long time. New details have emerged but nevertheless, these are all rumors. It is quite interesting to have an iPad Mini because there was already a competitor which was the Kindle Fire but the Nexus 7 might be the last thing Apple needs. This […]

Apple to get temporary closure in Italy due to product warranty


On July 3, 2012

The problem about selling products in multiple countries is that there are different laws for each country. Apparently, in the case of Italy, it will be costing Apple a lot of money. This is because in Italy, the law requires the companies to provide two years’ of warranty for their products. However, Apple has not […]

iPhone Inductive Charging Patent Granted


On July 1, 2012

What better to view the future of a company or a product than to look at the patents the company is filing on. In the case of the iPhone, a few of them had emerged on which amongst them include a 3D camera amongst many more. Another interesting patent that Apple was filing on was […]

iPhone After 5 Years


On June 30, 2012

Believe it or not, it has been five years since the release of the original iPhone and since then, a lot of things have happened. We saw leading company’s operating systems such as BlackBerry and Windows Mobile depleting from the market as well as the release of new operating systems such as Android and Windows […]

iPhone 5 might be more expensive for old iPhone owners


On June 23, 2012

The iPhone 5 might be something that is worth looking for especially with the rumors of a bigger screen estate as compared with any of its predecessor. In addition to that, it is said to be thinner as well especially when you are looking at the use of a new 19-pin connector which will replace […]