Next iPhone 5 to be a game changer


On June 21, 2012

iPhone news are always some of the hottest in the market. It seems that there has already been a lot of talks about the device that is updated by Apple on an annual basis. For most people, the iPhone 4S might have been a disappointment to any especially with there were no difference in the […]

Gibraltar and other British Empires non-existent in iPhone


On June 16, 2012

What happens when you live in an island not many have heard or aware of but you are using an iPhone as your main smartphone? Well, for those that are living in Gibraltar as well as other bits of the British Empire, you’re out of luck when it comes to the iPhone because the smartphone […]

Apple Filing for Switchable Lens iPhone Camera Patent


On June 15, 2012

Camera plays an essential role in any iPhone devices. In fact, the device has seen a lot of improvements to its camera sensor since the time that it was launched, till the latest device which is the iPhone 4S. However, one simply cannot be contempt of the technology that is available and because of this, […]

WWDC 2012 Keynote Happening Soon!


On June 11, 2012

It isn’t very long before the WorldWide Developer Conference will take place. In fact, the highlight of the event is at 10AM Pacific Time and this is the Keynote speech of the event. A lot of things will be talked about and it is expected that there will be a lot of good news and […]

WWDC Confirms iOS 6 Release, RedSn0w 0.9.12b2 Released


On June 9, 2012

A lot of people have been anticipating the WorldWide Developer Conference or WWDC 2012. In fact, the tickets for it quickly sold out in less than 24 hours. It is expected that a lot of things will be released on WWDC. Some of them include the Mac line upgrades as well as a new operating […]

Rumors: Next iPhone resolution, iOS 6 information


On June 3, 2012

It seems that there are a few information already about the next generation iPhone and it seems like people will have another craze for the iPhone for a few reasons. One of it is its taller design and screen and the next is a unibody aluminium construction with a reconstructed backplate. These are the only […]

New nano-SIM standard agreed


On June 1, 2012

iPhone Advance Programming | The image Picker | image 1

When it comes to standards, it is rather hard to agree on one and this is simply because there are a lot of companies which would want to claim their designs to be used as the standard. In the case of the new SIM card standard, it involves a version almost 40% smaller than the […]

iPhone Prepaid Plan with Cricket Wireless


On May 31, 2012

iPhone Advance Programming | The image Picker | image 3

Usually, iPhone users are connected to their provider with a contract. Rarely would there be an iPhone user that is paying the full price of the phone. This is simply because it takes a lot of money to pay for the unsubsidized price. However, one of the way on which you can get your iPhone […]

Leaked Photos of iPhone Reveals Aluminium Back and Larger Screen


On May 30, 2012

If you have been looking forward for a leaked photo of the iPhone then you might rejoice on this piece of news because 9to5Mac claims that they already have one. With this being said and done, there were a few interesting improvements to the design of the new iPhone. These improvements will definitely make a […]

Apple App Store Now Features “Free Apps of the Week” and Editor’s Choice


On May 27, 2012

Changes to the Apple App Store aren’t done frequently but recently, the company has updated its App Store to view two new things. These are the Free Apps of the Week as well as the Editor’s Choice. Although the first one can be considered to be new to the app marketplace scene, the latter has […]