iPhone developers asked about privacy issues on apps


On March 23, 2012

Apple applications are in no way above the law when it comes to privacy issue and that is why two US congressmen decided to step in and ask 33 iPhone app publishers about the potential privacy issues in their applications. The questions that were asked was related to the way the information is gathers, kept […]

Rumor: New iPhone might come with a 4.65 screen


On March 22, 2012

It wasn’t very long since the release of the iPhone 4S but that definitely did not make the rumor mill to stop rolling. A new rumor has come out about the iPhone which will be the company’s sixth generation device. This rumor revolves around the iPhone screen and claims that the next iPhone will have […]

Microsoft bans employees from using funds to buy Apple products


On March 21, 2012

It seems that the competitiveness of Microsoft and Apple has taken to another turn. This is because recently, an internal memo was distributed to Microsoft employees stating that the company’s funds will not be used to purchase any Apple products. This includes the iPhone, Mac, iPad and other devices which may have associations to Apple.

New iPad managed to secure 3 million sales since launch


On March 20, 2012

Every new device that Apple has thrown in the market managed to get a better number of sales as compared with the predecessor. The same could also be said with the new iPad as it has managed to reach record first weekend sales as compared with its predecessors. In fact, the number that Apple has […]

New iPad released for sales around the world


On March 17, 2012

It wasn’t a long time ago that Apple had announced the new iPad which is a replacement for the iPad 2 and now, the device is up for grabs for a few countries around the world. The lucky people in the countries of U.S, Japan, U.K, Singapore, Canada and a few others can now purchase […]

List of apps to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


On March 16, 2012

St. Patrick’s is celebrated yearly and it originated from Ireland initially although there are a lot more countries that have been celebrating it. In fact, it is still one of the most celebrated saint’s day in the world which makes it all the more interesting to list some of the applications related to this particular […]

Samsung fails to ban iPhone in Netherlands


On March 15, 2012

The dispute that is running between two major tech companies which are Samsung and Apple never seems to come to an end. Previously, Apple had managed to get one of Samsung’s device which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab to be banned in Germany due to its similarity with the iPad. This results in Samsung manufacturing […]

Things to expect from the new iPhone from the iPad launch


On March 11, 2012

The new iPad was launched no longer than a week ago and it has introduced a few things that had significantly improves the new version from the old one. When the iPad launch is compared with the iPhone, there are a few things that could be expected from the next iPhone launch although it will […]

iOS 5.1 changes Safari with blank page instead of bookmarks


On March 9, 2012

The iOS 5.1 sure introduced some improvements to the iOS devices which amongst them are improved battery life, bug fixes and a few others. In addition to that, there are also changes made to native applications available on all iOS devices.

iPhone 4S gets 4G labels with iOS 5.1 upgrade


On March 8, 2012

iOS 5.1 is an upgrade that has just been released today and it gave quite a number of improvements. For example, Siri now recognizes another language which is Japanese thus improving it significantly. In addition to that, there are a few bug fixes as well such as those that would cause the call to be […]