Syria bans the use of iPhone to stop protests


On December 3, 2011

A startling move by the Syrian government which has been under protest by its citizen was to ban the usage of iPhone by anyone in the country. This move was made to prevent the protesters from sharing images as well as stories on the latest update on the protests made by the government. Anyone found […]

Siri unable to give directions to abortion centers: pro-choice advocates demand changes


On December 2, 2011

Siri is definitely a great addition to the iPhone as it does not only give witty respond but is also terrifyingly accurate. However, when a user searches about the nearest abortion center, the response that they get from Siri may not be what they expected. In fact, the answer may be biased as well.

Reasons why iPhone is still selling like hotcakes


On November 29, 2011

The iPhone has been in the market for more than 4 years but the sales never declined making it one of the most profitable gadgets that Apple has ever sell. With a new iPhone coming every year, the sales keep on growing. In fact, the iPhone 4S had the largest number of sales during its […]

Apple prepares a bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad

The range of iPhones could soon receive a giant model, equipped with 4 inch screen. A bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad, Apple is currently preparing an iPhone that is quite bing (more like a tablet) and an iPad with an elegant design, smaller. The information was disclosed in a newspaper article published in Korean […]

iPhone 4S review: A closer look at the new device


On November 26, 2011

  The first Apple phone impressed by the concept of multitouch screen. The second brought us the long awaited support for high-speed Internet. iPhone 3GS increased processing rate and raised the iPhone 4 multimedia experience to a higher level (by implementing and launching the application FaceTime HD camera). Here, briefly, how each iPhone generation convinced […]

iPhone 4S now available in India

It has been more than a month since the iPhone 4S was released in the United States and a few other selected countries. However, there are a lot more places on which the phone is made unavailable but one lucky country, India to be precise, got theirs on November 25.

Fresh rumors on next iPhone


On November 21, 2011

It’s been more than a month since the release of the iPhone 4S but that does not stop the iPhone fanboys from giving out rumors about the next version of the iPhone called the iPhone 4S. These rumors may be fueled due to the lack of visible changes in the iPhone 4S as compared with […]

Apple extends AppleCare+ from one day to 30 days


On November 20, 2011

The AppleCare+ is the company’s newest protection plan on which users will have to pay an extra $99 instantly when buying the device such as an iPhone 4S. The plan seemed necessary as the iPhone can be considered a fragile piece of work and the AppleCare+ can be a lifesaver in some cases where the […]

iPhone 5 with LTE support, iPad 3 in March


On November 19, 2011

Forget the iPhone 4S, there isn’t much to talk about the device after it has been released except with the problems that it is currently having (low battery life and SIM card problem as of now). Let’s think about the future, the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 to be precise.

iPhone 4S is plagued with another problem: ‘no SIM card installed’ messages


On November 18, 2011

Apparently the battery life problem isn’t the only problem that iPhone 4S users are facing. There is also another problem on which a lot of iPhone 4S users are reporting which is the ‘no SIM card installed’ messages.