iPhone 4S and its safeguard: AppleCare+


On October 13, 2011

There are just a lot of ways to make money and one way that Apple is doing is by offering protection plans for all of its iPhone called AppleCare. The plan costs $69 and can be bought at any time deemed necessary by the owner that is until a replacement called the AppleCare+ comes in.

Sprint to be the only carrier to offer SIM unlocked iPhone 4S in launching day


On October 12, 2011

iPhone 4S is definitely a good phone and what’s better is that a lot more carriers are offering the device on their network. This is definitely a good thing because it reduces the need for SIM unlocked iPhone 4S. However, there is still demand for those types of devices and apparently, only Sprint will offer […]

iPhone 4S to debut with one million units sold


On October 11, 2011

A figure of 1 million during the first day of release may be impossible for certain mobile phone manufacturers but the same cannot be said about Apple. The company’s Senior Vice President Philip Schiller said that the first day of the release will see roughly one million units sold around the world.

iPhone 4S pre-order sold out, shipping estimation is 1-2 weeks.


On October 9, 2011

Yes you’ve seen that right. Despite the disappointment of only having an iPhone 4S instead of a new iPhone 5, pre-order for the device was reportedly sold out. In fact, the shipping estimation for this device is reportedly at 1-2 weeks.

Sprint says that iPhone will be highly profitable, it’s ready for the device


On October 7, 2011

Finally Sprint gets what it has been waiting for in so many years: the iPhone and now that they have got it, they are determine to make the most out of it. Previously, none of the mobile service providers were able to get their hands on the iPhone simply because Apple had an exclusivity contract […]

iPhone 4S: Is it a disappointment or is it a great new device?


On October 5, 2011

A lot of people were pretty disappointed when instead of a new iPhone 5, they were welcomed by the iPhone 4S, an improvement to the previous version of the iPhone 4. The two devices are indistinguishable if it weren’t for the extra S at the back of the phone.

iPhone 4S – Full Details About The New Device

In a conference that lasted more than an hour, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S terminal, the fifth device launched by the company from Cupertino. Many people expect to launch an iPhone 5, so right now many users were extremely disappointed to learn that the iPhone 4S is basically an iPhone 4 with better hardware. In […]

iOS 5 GM is available along with two other applications


On October 4, 2011

Tonight Apple released iOS 5 GM for applications developers of iOS 5, which is the final version of the operating system that will be launched on 12 October for users. GM version included all the “goodies” that Apple will offer in October 12 but now I do not know if this version of iOS can […]

More details about the new iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S was released today by Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, although the audience look forward to launching the iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 4S has A5 processor used by iPad 2. The new process will be extremely useful for games, said Philip Schiller, the senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Apple, writes The Wall […]

This is the new iPhone 4S presented by Apple

It’s official, Apple launches iPhone 4S tonight, a device that looks exactly like the iPhone 4 but has an A5 dual-core chip from iPad 2 and a graphic that brings performance up to 7 times better than the previous generation. Unfortunately they do not mention anything about RAM available on the new terminal so everything […]