People are waiting on mobile phone purchases for iPhone 5


On September 19, 2011

Apple plays such a major role in the mobile phone business due to its highly successful iPhone series. It all started out with the iPhone and since then, newer versions have been released with the passing years. It has been a while since IPhone 4 was released and a lot of people are anticipating for […]

IOS 5, iPhone 5 and the jailbreak solution may come with a discount


On September 18, 2011

Apple has not officially launched the new iOS 5 for idevice owners but in the beta versions of the operating system have been already discovered quite a few flaws, enough that many people from Chronic Dev Team have a solution ready for launch of the untethered jailbreak.

Best case scenario for iPhone 5 specifications


On September 17, 2011

Admit it, a lot of people would like to see massive improvements for the new iPhone 5 but it is sad to say that it may or may not happen because usually, Apple prefers to give out small improvements but market it out massively such as like the case of FaceTime. The technology was already […]

Carriers said iPhone 5 due to be released on October


On September 15, 2011

The iOS 5 is due to reach Gold Master status on September 23 and with this, it shows that the new operating system for the iPhone will reach maturity and out of beta stage.  In addition to that, it also paves way for the iPhone 5 to be released to the public and many of […]

Apple is working on an iPhone compatible with TD-LTE networks

Many expect an iPhone compatible with 4G LTE networks globally although there are really not many mobile operators who have implemented this standard on a large scale. Even if until now rumored that Apple may implement the 4G LTE technology in its future devices, here we hear now for the first time (from a reliable […]

Demand for new iPhone 5 exceeds its predecessor.


On September 13, 2011

A survey done by RBC/Changewave revealed that more than 31% of the survey takers would want to purchase the new 5th-generation iPhone. This is a 6% increase from 25% from a previous survey done on the iPhone 4 last year. It shows that the new iPhone is in much demand as compared with the previous […]

30 million iPhone 5 to be manufactured, 512MB RAM


On September 12, 2011

For the June quarter of 2011, it was reported that Apple sold a whopping 20.34 million iPhones and for a company that sells mobile phones, the figure is an astonishing sum indeed. However, with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 coming out, Apple has set the bar for the next quarter to be at 30 million iPhones […]

Apple makes over 150,000 iPhone 5 products per day


On September 9, 2011

American company Apple is preparing for massive sales of iPhone next generation. According to Foxconn, Apple’s main producer, daily produced no less than 150,000 iPhones 5, which means a lot, write those from Dvice. The latest information that simply invaded the internet, Apple will launch the 5th generation of iPhone on 21 October.

Deutsche Telekom to take pre-orders for iPhone 5


On September 6, 2011

The iPhone 5 hasn’t been announced by Apple and yet Deutsche Telekom, the company behind T-Mobile USA stated that it is taking pre-orders on the upcoming iPhone. This was reported by the prominent news station, Bloomberg.

Suspected iPhone 5 Prototype Lost


On September 3, 2011

This had happened before and yet it happened again. Reports of a missing item by Apple have spread on the Internet like wildfire and many speculated that this missing ‘item’ may be a missing iPhone. Last year, the same thing occurred on a bar in Redwood City, California when a prototype iPhone 4 went missing. […]