iPhone 4 has the most popular camera on Flickr


On June 21, 2011

At WWDC 2011, Scott Forstall said on the scene’s opening keynote that the iPhone 4 is among the most popular devices that have been made pictures and uploaded to Flickr.

Jailbreak solution for Windows Phone 7 sold with Microsoft agreement


On June 19, 2011

Probably many of you already know that Microsoft has welcomed the first jailbreak solution for Windows Phone 7, even tried to lure GeoHot to develop jailbreak solutions for this OS. How GeoHot was not interested in something, the ChevronWP7 team continued to work and with the agreement from Microsoft will launch ChevronWP7 Labs that will […]

Unlock iPhone 4 without dial 112 using Gevey Ultra SIM



Do you remember the previous issue with gevey sim? Gevey unlock method reported to be illegal because unlockers required to dial 112. The claim was spreading quickly to iPhone unlock community and many of them became afraid to unlock iPhone 4 using gevey sim. Gevey SIM method by dialing 112 making its legal status is […]

sn0wbreeze 2.8 does untethered jailbreak on iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS with an old bootrom


On June 18, 2011

Today iH8sn0w released the new sn0wbreeze 2.8 beta 2 to the public and the new version of the program will allow us to do untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS with an old bootrom.

A Photo Sharing Application Made by Facebook


On June 17, 2011

Apparently Facebook is working on an awesome application owner considers “impressive” on who had the privilege to use it. This is a photo sharing application in style of Instagram but logically connected with the most known social network for you to share all of your photos with your loved ones.

Apple brings new charges for Samsung in the process of copying their devices

In April, Samsung gave Apple sued accusing it copied the distinctive elements of their devices in their products. Then Apple introduced a request summons which claimed that elements of their devices were included in these Samsung products: Samsung Captivate, Continuum, Vibrant, Galaxy S 4G, 4G Epic, Indulge, Mesmerize, Showcase, fascinating Nexus S, Gem, Transform, Intercept, […]

Discovr Apps helps you discover new applications from App Store


On June 15, 2011

Discovr Apps is a new application in the App Store launched yesterday to help us discover new and interesting applications through an intuitive interface.

iPhone 4 And Their Unlock Solution


On June 14, 2011

Today Apple has included in their own online store from U.S., unlocked iPhone 4 GSM devices. Apple sells iPhone devices for four years but never offered in the U.S. the unlocked version of the most popular smartphone on the planet. Until today (probably) Apple had an exclusive contract with the U.S. operator AT&T, so that […]

Watch Apple's Event: WWDC 2011


On June 6, 2011

Few months ago, we told you that iOS 5 will be unveiled at Apple WWDC June 6, 2011. Today is the day of Apple’s Special Event: WWDC 2011. iOS 5 details has brought up, more features, also new Apple’s innovation called iCould. If you missed this event, you can watch the Apple WWDC 2011 online […]

iPhone 4 available in the 8 GB version and iPhone 4S available in 16/32 GB versions


On May 29, 2011

An website from France has found the above case in one of the local shops and watch as it is mentioned that such housing is compatible with iPhone 4G 8/16GB and iPhone 4GS for 16/32GB. Now I will not speculate on the fact that the iPhone 4S will have the same exact capacity as its […]