Verizon Strongly reaffirms the Claims of World-Mode Next-Generation iPhone, Simultaneous With AT&T Debut


On May 20, 2011

Reuters inform us that Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo today reaffirmed his earlier claim that the next-generation iPhone will¬† be a “world mode” device ablte of running on both GSM and CDMA. Furthermore, Shammo says¬† that Verizon will¬† launch the iPhone device¬† in the same time¬† with the device’s debut on rival AT&T.   […]

Apple suggest Standard for Smaller SIM Cards to Make Even Thinner iPhones


On May 19, 2011

Reuters said that Apple has submitted a suggestion for a standardized SIM card design smaller than the micro-SIM presently used in the iPhone 4 and iPad, with the new sketch having obviously won the backing of French carrier Orange. The design would reportedly admits¬† Apple and other companies to adopt the card to design smaller […]

OmniVision's New 5-MP 1080p Camera Sensor Opens Door to Thinner Devices

Apple’s old camera sensor supplier for iOS devices, OmniVision Technologies, today communicate¬† the introduction of a new 5-megapixel sensor that could work¬† to slimer¬† mobile devices and and last but not least¬† offers¬† the ability to shoot video at 1080p. The new sensor has under 5 mm high, 20% thinner than other industry-leading sensors.   […]

iPhone 4 Noise Cancellation has been Delivered by Chip From Audience


On May 18, 2011

iFixit says that the chip in charge¬† for handling the clamor¬† cancellation capabilities of the iPhone 4 was¬† finally been found, with chip teardown firm Chipworks pegging it has having come from Audience, the assembler¬† of high-end voice processors found in such devices as the Nexus One. The identification was created more difficult by Apple‘s […]

News about iOS 5: Text-to-Speech


On May 16, 2011

Here we are again with soem news about the Apple patent application that next iPhones can provide its users with powerful communicating in a noisy environments like a meeting or even in a quiet office at work without anyone to hear your conversation. For now on, we can use the feature called text-to-speech or speech-to-text […]

A few details about iPhone WebKit Source Code


On May 10, 2011

Late¬† last week, Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber made sure that they will focus to that fact that Apple had yet to launch¬† the source code for components of its iOS 4.3 WebKit implementation as required under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) due to Apple’s use of LGPL code in the project.Initiallym Apple has¬† released […]

Microsoft releases cloud Windows toolkit for iOS


On May 9, 2011

Microsoft has developed a new service pack¬† to help iOS developers write applications for Apple‚Äôs mobile platform that also play nice with cloud Windows, known as Windows Azure. The Windows maker says that this pack¬† is available for its own Windows Phone platform . The iOS pack¬† facilitates for the¬† creation of both iPhone and […]

White iPhone 4: Modified Rear Camera, Reports of Thickness Difference Disputed

While a large part of the attention on the white iPhone4 late launch¬†¬† died down, some¬† Japanese tidbits¬† continue to trickle out. Last week, Japanese blog Matokare pointed to a pair of tweets from @kazunie underlining¬† some of the differences among¬† the black and white patterns of the iPhone 4. In particularly, Apple appears to […]

iOS 5 to Finally Deliver Over-The-Air Updates?

According to 9to5Mac , Apple started to negotiate with Verizon about supplying¬† over-the-air iOS updates starting with iOS 5. The¬† over-the-air update system will allow users to download straightly¬† to their phone over 3G or Wi-Fi the iOS the iOS update and also it will give the opportunity to update their phone to the latest […]

White iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor was tested along with the 'Death Grip'

The Italian site iSpazio has managed to get its hands on a white iPhone 4 as soon as this device appeared on the mobile phone market . With this device in hand, the site started to test a few of the areas of concern users have had with the previous models, especially the proximity sensor […]