Verizon iPhone Surge Yields First Slip in Android Sales Share in Two Years


On May 9, 2011

The NPD¬† announced the final¬† results of its “Mobile Phone Track” survey for the first quarter of 2011, covering worldwide¬† mobile phone sales. In accordance to ¬† the ,,Mobile Phone Track” survey , Apple got¬† the strength of the CDMA iPhone launch on Verizon to¬† overtake the¬† Android’s smartphones for the first time since¬† 2009. […]

Apple testing dual-core iPhone

According to resource BGR, the device is tested and it is suitable with the cellular connection from third generation . Accidentally, the photos show that is the designation of the prototype N94 . Simultaneously, some other sources says¬† that the device¬† is based on a dual-core processor Apple A5, which¬† will be used in the¬† […]

iPhone 6 will use the p-Si LCD display

It looks very odd to talk about what kind of parts iPhone 6 will have, since we don’t know when iPhone 5 will appear or how the next Apple touchscreen generation will look like. From the information we found so far, Apple iPhone 5 will have a¬† larger screen. It is planned¬† that the screen […]

iPhone Will Improve Its Ambient Light Sensor


On May 7, 2011

For what we’ve found on the MacRumors website, Apple is talking with two Taiwan circuit design companies, and to give some examples: we are talking about Integrated Memory Logic (iML) and Capella Microsystems, for components sourcing of the company’s iOS devices. It was heard that iML would provide to Apple, gamma buffers for the iPad, […]

Recommended: Encrypt Your iPhone Backups!


On May 6, 2011

Why it is recommended, maybe you are asking. Encrypting your iPhone the same time when backing up with iTunes you will enjoy two positive things, increase the security of your data, and make restoring more convenient. Also, do you know that iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go? I bet you didn’t know that. Let […]

iPhone On The First Places In The Smartphone Market


On May 5, 2011

iPhone is about to exceed Nokia on the top in smartphones globally, according to the results reported by IDC on Thursday. So, Nokia on the first place, iPhone on the second one (for now), Blackberry is on third after the second place on IDC last year. An important paragraph from this news: Nokia sold 24.2 […]

iOS 5 Will Deliver Over-The-Air Updates

So, here we are again telling you the newest thing we’ve heard about iPhone. Apple is talking with its partners about delivering iOS updates starting with the newest iOS 5. The Apple TV also offers “over the air” updates, so why not iPhone?. The Apple TV, has the unique specific quality that stores the customer […]

People ask themselves why there isn't an iPhone Printer

As many of the news sites about iphone say, there are 7,683,291 different iPhone cases out there in the world today, but none of them has the ability to print photos out like the polaris printer. Just take a look at this image and tell us your opinion:   And quite frankly, iPhone has pretty […]

Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 is not thicker than Black iPhone 4


On May 3, 2011

While Phil Schiller confirms that White iPhone 4 is not thicker than Black iPhone 4, although he confirmed through Twitter’s Direct Message, ConsumerReports also confirmed that white iPhone 4 is not thicker than the black one. They were using a high-quality calipers in their lab in Yonkers, NY to compare between white iPhone 4 and […]

"Why should you jailbreak your iPhone" video removed from YouTube


On May 1, 2011

“Why should you jailbreak your iPhone” video which uploaded to YouTube a few days ago has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service. Robert Scoble the one who created the video interview with Jay Freeman, tweeted that he had no idea why the video get removed by YouTube. YouTube removed a video […]