Was the main screen in iOS 7 made in Microsoft Word? [VIDEO]


On October 23, 2013

Because many have wondered how those from Apple got to the current layout in iOS 7, someone made a compelling analogy with Microsoft Word. Early last summer, Tim Cook announces proudly at the WWDC 2013 the new iOS 7. Although several months have passed since most of us have been able to install the new […]

OS X Mavericks available for free – Mac Pro released alongside it


On October 22, 2013

Apple announced at the conference this evening that the new OS X Mavericks will be available starting today for free for everyone. Even though OS X Mavericks did not get a completely new interface, as happened with iOS 7 version of the operating system for Macs brings several major updates, which you can learn more […]

Apple updates iWork and iLife suites

Expected for a few days, new versions of iWork and iLife suite will be available starting today in the App Store and Mac App Store. iPhoto will have a new interface and a new way of organizing the iDevice, Apple is implementing including the ability to generate the application cards. iMovie also has a fully […]

Apple launches iPad Air

Apple announced the new iPad Air at the conference this evening that, surprisingly, it is not called “5” as we all expect, but “Air” a name that we couldn’t think at. The new 9.7 inch tablet is, according to Apple, the easiest tablet of this size in the world, thinner and more efficient than all previous […]

Apple launches the new iPad mini with Retina display

Whether we like it or not, iPad products were the first that convince a significant number of buyers, and Apple has managed to win an impressive market share and established the tablet market that we see today. Its market share figures are not as they were two years ago, but with the 170 million iPads […]

Apple Event – What News Will Apple Bring Tonight?

Apple will make this evening in San Francisco, a number of ads related to new products of the company. What can we expect from them? According to the latest information circulated online, we can expect a new 9.7-inch iPad (iPad 5), presenting the second generation of the iPad mini, the announcement of a marketing database […]

Google Hangouts with integrated voice calls arrive on iOS


On October 21, 2013

The folks at Google have decided to update its Hangouts app for iDevices. Such Google Hangouts update is welcomed on iOS. True, it would have pass more time until Google Hangouts app for iPhone received a much needed update. However, the Mountain View giant has just made ??envious Android users who for now don’t have […]

Apple boss was sued because the iOS 7 update


On October 20, 2013

  Tim Cook has found itself sued because of a simple file. Most Apple fans eagerly awaited the appearance of iOS 7 and most enjoy Apple’s new operating system. We say most, because there are unhappy users with iOS 7 problems, many have tried to find solutions to the operating system bugs. But one of […]

iPhone 5C sales are disappointing. What’s missing from the “cheap” Apple phone?


On October 19, 2013

In the absence of official data from Apple, speculation about the iPhone 5C weak sales increase. In the U.S. and in China, iPhone 5S, the expensive smartphone, sells better than the colored one with plastic casing. Apple failed to excite too many people with its concept of “premium plastic”. iPhone 5C, with the same specs […]

The iPhone 5C release strategy doesn’t impress Apple buyers too much


On October 15, 2013

The launch of iPhone 5S and 5C brought an obvious and expected increase in the number of sold handsets by Apple, manufacturers reporting an increase by 10 percent of the number of parts ordered since September, the two models have limited availability. This year, Apple has decided to launch two phones in parallel, but how […]