Sales Of The iPhone – Again In The New Premium League


On September 25, 2013

Even without significant changes at first glance, the new iPhones were sold like hotcakes over the weekend, outperforming the old models. Did not end well on Monday, the first weekend after the launch of new iPhones 5C and 5S, and Apple was quick to release the most important figures on the performance of new models […]

iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C: Nine Million Copies Sold In First Three Days


On September 24, 2013

Strangely, Apple has not made ??public the number of pre-orders for the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, this thing generates some caustic remarks. The two phones have arrived at the stores within nine countries since Friday, 20 September, while sales in the first three days, reached 9 million units.   The first three days […]

Touch ID Protection System Of The iPhone 5S Can Be Fooled


On September 23, 2013

One of the Features presented in the recently launched iPhone 5S phone is the ID Touch fingerprint reader sensor, Apple in an effort to provide an alternative method of authentication so far, they used a superior to similar implementations by other manufacturers. It did not take too long however until the new Touch ID proved […]

What Hides Inside An Apple iPhone 5S


On September 20, 2013

Apple are known for their lack of interest in the disclosure of specifications and components of its phones and tablets, the curious had to wait for the screwdrivers from iFixit and Chipworks further analysis in order to find out what is hidden inside. As the company acquired the new iPhone 5S, we can now learn […]

iOS 7 Tells You How Much Data Traffic Applications Consume

One of the very important news that iOS 7 implemented in terms of managing the data connection is being able to visualize how much data traffic our applications made, but also system services. Apple moved Cellular Data menu in the very first page of the Settings application, and inside it included a counter that tells […]

iOS 7 – Two New Security Bugs From LockScreen That Allows Access To Photo library And Making Phone Calls

As expected, in the iOS 7 was discovered a new security bug that can be used by malicious people to access your photos from Camera Roll and then share them via email, social networks, etc. Apple has acknowledged the existence of problems and say that they are working on solving them, but first let’s see […]

The New iTunes 11.1 Comes With iRadio And Support For Installing iOS 7

If you tried to upgrade to iOS 7 on any iDevice and you failed, it might also be because you do not have iTunes 11.1. This happened every time Apple released a major version of iOS, and today we received a new version of iTunes.

iPhone 5S Has 1 GB RAM DDR 3 – Comes 2 Times Faster Than iPhone 5 And Andorid Smartphones In The First High-End Performance Tests


On September 19, 2013

In the review for iPhone 5S done by people at Anandtech retrieve a long list of benchmarks that compare the performance of the new device with the competition. Without linger too much on the unnecessary details will say that the iPhone 5S has 1GB DDR3 RAM, according to their tests, is the fastest smartphone on […]

iOS 7 Blocks The Use Of Some Lightning Charging Cables Or Accessories With iPhones

If you have installed iOS 7 on your iDevice during last night and have an accessory manufactured by a manufacturer not authorized by Apple, it is possible that it will be rejected by the operating system. The error in the above picture might have appeared on the screens of our devices and if we talk […]

Apple Kickstarts Preorder Session For iPhone 5S in China


On September 17, 2013

In keeping with its promise, Apple started during last night a session of pre-orders for the iPhone 5S in China and Hong King, iPhone 5C is available for preorder for a few days, and in a few hours all models in stock were initially pre-ordered by users. Golden version of the iPhone 5S was unavailable […]