7 Best Weather Apps for iPhone


On May 28, 2013

Since the weather is one of those things that all of us are interested at some point, we choose to make a list with the best weather applications to find out the temperature and weather forecasts on an iPhone. The iPhone has its own app pre-installed on the phone so you would not really need […]

Learn To Share PDFs Right From The iBooks App


On May 21, 2013

If you have found a book that you think would appeal to one of your friends, iBooks offers a simple way to send them a link to the book that they can use to buy it. Also, if you use iBooks to save PDFs, you can print them or send them to a friend by […]

The Most Popular 20 Retina Wallpapers for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone 5


On May 13, 2013

Wallpapers change the look of the iPhone and if you find the perfect image then your terminal will be more pleasant and more attractive to both you and your friends who will want to test it. Because we like wallpapers, you have below 20 Retina wallpapers for iPhone and I am sure that you will […]

How Great Has The iPhone Camera Evolved Over The Years?


On May 12, 2013

Every year we hear that new smartphones are infinitely better than the old models, so let’s see how much the iPhone’s camera has changed. More than any smartphone’s camera, the iPhone camera has benefited from some of the most pompous advertising campaigns in recent years. Perceived by many to be the most efficient camera in […]

Top 5 Best Video Players for iPhone and iPad


On May 10, 2013

The video content can be handy on iPhone or iPad and each of these iOS application works perfectly on both gadgets. In the Apple App Store there are more solutions for playing multimedia content and often, it is difficult to choose the best of them. Here are the top 5 best video players for the […]

Awesome Things You Can Do Using iPhone Headphones


On May 8, 2013

iPhone headphones are great in terms of music or other sounds which run on iOS, but their functionality is not limited to that. Original earphones provided by Apple with its iPhones contain a remote wire attached in which the sounds are transmitted and the remote is able to perform a range of functions that you […]

How To Set Any MP3 Song As Ringtone On iPhone


On May 6, 2013

One of the first things you want to customized on a new phone is its ringtone. Used with simple method on other phones, you may say that setting your favorite song for iPhone is a piece of cake. Especially since the iPhone is presented as an easy to use phone. But if you’ve got to […]

Injustice Gods Among Us – Tips and Tricks!


On May 2, 2013

Having super heroes and mega-villains problems? Injustice Gods Among Us, the new viral application for iPhone and iPad of NeatherRealm studios can be quite demanding. Just two weeks after release, we have really good tips and tricks for you. For a week all enthusiastic fans of superheroes and trading cards are playing this game. In […]

How to Solve the Problem of the iPhone That Suddenly Closes


On April 29, 2013

Ever since iOS 5 there is a very annoying problem affecting iPhone owners, mainly, but also other devices owners. Completely random you can wake up that your iPhone closes suddenly and certainly there is no logical explanation for this kind of “behavior” of your iPhone. Not the first time I talk about this issue but […]

Some Tips Everyone Needs to Know on the Facebook App


On April 28, 2013

1. Cover Photo You can change the cover photo going to your profile and taping on the “camera” located on the right – below the profile image. You have the option to make a new picture or select one of the existing ones from your phone. 2. Arrange the list of favorites You can add […]