How to Add Sources in Cydia


On April 27, 2013

For those who are still in the beginning, there are many unknowns here, especially about the cracked applications. In the next tutorial I will teach you how to add sources in Cydia, thing that without it you cannot unlock the phone. Step 1 Connect to a wireless or make sure that internet is working on […]

iPhone 5 – Camera Performance Against the Galaxy S4, HTC One, Lumia 920 and Xperia Z


On April 26, 2013

Galaxy S4, the most advanced Android Smartphone from Samsung, delight their users with a 13MP camera equipped with an impressive set of features like HDR mode and Full HD movie capture, support auto focus and touch focus, LED flash and stabilization system for clear pictures in any situation. But how does the Galaxy S4 be […]

Everything You Need To Know When Buying An iPhone – Part 3


On April 25, 2013

You can find the part 1 here and part 2 here. Further in our incursions to buy an iPhone, we look at the screen. Unlock the phone and look if it has this problem (ie, “leakage” of light), which is a general problem on iPhones, especially on the white models. Put a white background with maximum brightness […]

Everything You Need To Know When Buying An iPhone – Part 1


On April 23, 2013

We present below a guide for those who want to purchase an iPhone (any model) second hand, mainly from strangers. How we prepare at home:     Take a pair of headphones, preferably some already compatible with iPhone;     Take with you a laptop with the latest version of iTunes installed;     If you already have […]

How You Can Allow Or Disallow FaceTime Data Calls


On April 21, 2013

It took more than two years for Apple to bring in iOS the ability to make FaceTime calls using cellular data. Thanks to iOS 6 we can make “FaceTime” video calls wherever we are, as long as you have a stable internet connection. However not all iOS device’s can be used to make FaceTime calls […]

Here's how to delete data saved in iCloud applications


On March 31, 2013

We all already know that some iPhone applications can save your information in Apple’s iCloud, but not all of them succeed in saving everything you want for yourself. Even so, applications that can sync with iCloud can save more data in your account and that information can be reinstalled with every restore of your iPhone. […]

iPhone 5 vs HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Battery Life Test


On March 30, 2013

HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are the latest and most important recently launched Android terminals on the market and a test of the battery autonomy was essential, especially if you compare it with the iPhone 5. When it comes to 3G calls, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One have double autonomy than the one […]

Things to do before selling your iPhone


On September 4, 2012

We have been covering a lot about the iPhone 5 lately so let us change the topic for a bit. Let us just say that the time is up for your iPhone and you are planning to sell it off. Before you do, there might be some things that you first want to do before […]

Apple Fixing In-App Purchase Hack in iOS 6


On July 23, 2012

Hacks are never good, especially when it involves something as sensitive as purchases. Nevertheless, a hack was found in the latest version of the iOS which is the iOS 6 and it revolves on the in-app purchase hack as well. A Russian hacker had exposed a flaw in the iOS 6 which allows the user […]

Google utilizes loophole in Safari to track users


On February 17, 2012

Loopholes always involve unethical things. In the case of loopholes that are available in Safari, which is so prominently used in devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is being used to track users. Although it isn’t involving locations and such, it involves personal information which is tracking users web-browsing habit.