iPhone tricks that not many users know


On January 12, 2012

The iPhone is a very handy device. There are thousands of apps that could help the user to achieve various types of tasks. Apple also incorporated a few tricks that could simplify the job of the iPhone users and even if Apple does not cover the little bits, there are applications that could help with […]

Ways of preserving battery life on the iPhone 4S


On October 30, 2011

Previously, an article was released regarding the poor battery life of the iPhone 4S and how it has plagued the users. This problem may be attributed to poor architecture in the new iOS5 or simply due to certain applications but for whatever reasons it may be, there are ways of preserving the battery life on […]

Want to create an app? Here’s a checklist on what you need to do


On September 11, 2011

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on the Apple App Store but that doesn’t stop a lot of people to keep on sending their entries for apps. It isn’t easy to create an app but should you wish to create one, here are some things that you need to get you started.

Beginner tips for iPhone users


On August 26, 2011

New users may encounter some problems while using the iPhone or they simply do not know the best or fastest way of using iPhone. The iPhone is a very powerful device and if used correctly, the usage of it is limitless.

Handy applications for iPhone users


On August 22, 2011

The Apple App Store comes with hundreds of thousands of applications for the iPhone itself. In fact, a lot of these are handy in many ways. Some people even rely on them in their day to day life. Such is the way that the technology of the iPhone has revolutionized these individuals. Check out some […]

Great Tips for iPhone Users


On August 20, 2011

The iPhone is definitely one of the best devices one can purchase and the iOS is simply stunning. Every new version of the iOS has new features that have been added by the developers from Apple. However, some of these features are unknown to many although they are available on the Apple website. Some even […]

Customizing iPhone with Dreamboard


On August 10, 2011

Jailbreaking has opened the window to so many new possibilities with the iPhone. For example, previously, iPhones were not able to use tether their network with other devices but through jailbreaking, it was made possible through third party applications. Now, an application called Dreamboard has taken up the iOS world by storm as they allow […]

iOS 5 – unable to make a backup from iCloud


On August 6, 2011

Starting with iOS 5 beta 1 we had access to iCloud service that allowed us to save our data from devices directly on Apple servers where we could download again later if necessary. For bakcup to be made we needed the backup option to be activated from the menu of iOS 5 but in some […]

Install iOS 5 beta 1 without Developer Account nor UDID Activated


On June 8, 2011

So you have downloaded iOS 5 beta 1, download and install itunes 10.5 beta, and restore iOS 5 through shift + restore method. Now, all you have to do is activate UDID of your device (if you haven’t done so) through some online UDID activation service for a few bucks. Don’t want to pay a […]