This Week in iPhone News – October 30/2009


On October 30, 2009

AT&T Success Still Linked to iPhone The iPhone continues to bring new customers to AT&T, even though its exclusivity is fading. The Problem With iPhone Killers Inside the App Economy A good summary on how far the App Store has come and how it is changing the marketplace. Easily Share Your Favorite Selection of iPhone […]

This Week in iPhone News – October 23/2009


On October 23, 2009

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Squirrel Project Revealed A new external attachment for the iPhone which turns it into a credit card point-of-sale device from the founder of Twitter has recently been announced. The App Store Effect: Are iPhone Apps Headed for Oblivion? A discussion on how prices for iPhone versions of existing applications and games […]

This Week in iPhone News – October 16/2009


On October 16, 2009

In App Purchase Now Available for Free Apps Huge news that should make waves in the App Store. iPhone SDK Development Recommended reading. Book available in eBook or paper book formats. Tweetie 2 The popular Twitter client “Tweetie” for the iPhone has been reinvented. Try it today. Ansca Early Adopter Program Latest beta of Corona, […]

App Store Heresies: Higher Price, Better Ratings. Don't Discount Your App At Launch.


On October 15, 2009

Lower your price, lower your ratings. Lower ratings, lower social proof. Lower social proof, lower sales. That’s my theory, and I’ve got data to support it. I’m a pattern matcher. I like extracting the hint of a signal from noise. For a while now, I’ve had a hunch that pricing an app higher would lead […]

This Week in iPhone News – October 9/2009


On October 9, 2009

Today is Mobile Orchard’s First Birthday. Flash On The iPhone Roundup: Flash for the iPhone Adobe announced that developers will be able to translate Actionscript into ObjC that can run on the iPhone. Louis Gerbarg provided a detailed dissection of the Flash-generated iPhone ipa files Flash Lands on the iPhone at Wired. Authoring iPhone Apps […]

Happy 1st Birthday Mobile Orchard



Today is Mobile Orchard’s birthday! Like a father gushing about his kids, I’m going to share a little of the story of Mobile Orchard. I’ll also share some stats about the site, and talk about the challenges and opportunities of making a living blogging for a community of developers. On October-1 of last year Apple […]

Marketing In Code: PhotoCaps Plan


On October 8, 2009

I’m pleased that my Warm, Clothed and Fed talk/podcast has been so well received. All the metrics I use to judge success — back links, page views, audio downloads, tweets, etc. — are telling me that there’s an audience of programmers who are interested in market- and marketing-hacks. This thrills me. Half the fun is […]

This Week in iPhone News – October 2/2009


On October 2, 2009

The 360iDev Conference was this week: blog and Twitter coverage. 3 Tips That Might Get You Featured In The App Store About iPhone Carrier Settings Updates in iTunes With the recent update from AT&T, iPhone 3G and 3GS owners can now send and receive MMS messages. Read on for information on how to enable it […]

Announcing iPhone Wax: Native UIKit iPhone Apps Written In Lua


On September 30, 2009

Development Goes Faster With iPhone Wax Early this summer I started playing around with MacRuby, which lets Rubyists create native OS-X applications. While I love Objective-C, scripting languages have speed-of-development, memory management simplicity, and other advantages. Getting Ruby running on the iPhone is challenging; while I’m sure it’ll get there, I wanted something sooner. I […]

Announcing The iPhone Recipes Community Book/Call For Submissions



Great things happen at conferences. Last night, at dinner with some fellow attendees/presenters at 360iDev, we fell into a conversation where we were showing off the snazzy UI elements from apps — not necessarily our own — and then brainstorming about how they were constructed. Present at dinner was Jake Behrens. Jake, along with a […]