This Week in iPhone News – July 10/2009


On July 10, 2009

A fireside chat with Apple’s Jonathan Ive Designer of the iMac, iPod, PowerBook, and more makes a public appearance. What you can learn from a Palm developer Some iPhone development tips from the Palm side of things. Prowl A Growl client for the iPhone. Push notifications from your Mac or PC to your iPhone. iPhone […]

This Week in iPhone News – July 3/2009


On July 3, 2009

Trixel Postmortem Very informative postmortem of the iPhone game “Trixel.” Birdfeed An alternative Twitter client for the iPhone. Includes features such as: local caching, refresh timestamps, and SMS-style direct messages. Here’s How iPhone App Store Ratings Work More criticisms of the iPhone App Store. Essential iPhone Memory Testing Great tips for debugging memory issues. John […]

New In iPhone 3.0 Tutorial Series, Part 3: Copy & Paste With UIPasteboard


On July 2, 2009

Welcome to part-3 of our New In iPhone 3.0 Tutorial/Programming Series. The previous two articles in this series covered in-app email and shake to undo/redo. This time, we’ll cover the basics of reading-from and writing-to the pasteboard. Pasteboard Overview Multiple Pasteboards There isn’t just one pasteboard on the iPhone: There are two system pasteboards: a […]

This Week in iPhone News – June 26/2009


On June 26, 2009

Demographics and Behavioral Characteristics of iPhone and iPod Users Interesting data from AdMob and comScore. New iPhone Users with Activation Headaches Get iTunes Credit Apple apologizes for the 3G S activation woes. Pinch Media Watcher Pinch Media releases a native iPhone SDK application for viewing your application’s stats. The Fable of Free More testimonies from […]

Announcing: The Unofficial iPhone SDK Feedback Project


On June 25, 2009

A couple of days ago, I received a note from James DonFrancesco about an unexpected behavior change introduced in iPhone 3.0: In 2.X, apps could launch a tel:// url to dial the phone without user input. In 3.0, Apple introduced a verification box to obtain user permission when an tries to make an outbound call. […]

New In iPhone 3.0 Tutorial Series, Part 2: In App Email, MessageUI


On June 23, 2009

Welcome back! In the first part of this series, I showed how to implement Shake To Undo/Redo and NSUndoManager in an iPhone app. This time, we’ll add in-app email to a simple iPhone application using the new-in-3.0 MessageUI framework. Technically neither mail from an app nor MessageUI are new. MessageUI was a private framework prior […]

Push Notification & Store Kit – An Interview With Urban Airship


On June 22, 2009

Mobile Orchard Beginning iPhone Programming Workshop. Bay Area, July 30-31. $999 early bird registration. Save $200 with “mo” discount code. iPhone 3.0 has arrived, and with it push notification and in-app purchase. In this interview, Scott Kveton, Michael Richardson and Steven Osborn of Urban Airship talk about the ins and outs of these new capabilities, […]

This Week in iPhone News – June 19/2009


On June 19, 2009

AppStore HQ A comprehensive mobile app store aggregator. How the iPhone can overtake all gaming handhelds in five steps The iPhone sure is poised to grow, especially in the gaming space. iPhone install base vs. console install base Interesting comparison between how many people have iPhones compared to gaming consoles. The Awesome Potential of iPhone […]

Beginning iPhone Programming Classes: Bay Area/July 30-31, Seattle/Aug 20-21. "Regular Reader" Discount.


On June 18, 2009

Mobile Orchard Workshops are coming to the West Coast! I’ll be teaching our Beginning iPhone Programming class in the Bay Area on July 30-31 and in Seattle on August 20-21. The class is $1200, discounted to $999 for early registration. Synopsis: From programmer to native iPhone app programmer in two days. Details and Registration I […]

A Huge Leap Forward: Graphics on the iPhone 3GS



Guest author Noel Llopis runs the indie game/entertainment studio Snappy Touch and is the creator of the iPhone Flower Garden. Two weeks ago, the question in everybody’s mind was, what were the new features on the new iPhone Apple would surely be announcing at WWDC? Speculation was rampant, and guesses were all over the place. […]