This Week in iPhone News – May 1/2009


On May 1, 2009

Ari’s moving from Chicago to San Francisco, so This Week in iPhone News will be off next week. We’re providing this jumbo-sized edition to get you through. iPhone Developers: How Do We Combat ‘Race to 99c’? Timely discussion on the current pricing trend of iPhone applications “racing to the bottom”. In Defense of Eye Candy […]

Sales Data For Flight Control — #1 Paid-App


On April 30, 2009

Firemint has release a 16 page report detailing the sales success of Flight Control, which recently held the top spot as the #1 selling app worldwide. This report is great for number junkies. The data covers more than 587,000 sales overall, broken down by country and day — including their amazing best-day sales number of […]

A Flurry Of Market Data


On April 28, 2009

What can a sampling of 100 applications and 8-million consumers on four platforms tell us about the smartphone application market? The mobile analytics firm Flurry crunched the numbers; we’ll highlight the results: Platform There are three numbers that matter for smartphone application platforms: (1) number of developer on a platform, (2) number of applications for […]

This Week in iPhone News – April 24/2009


On April 24, 2009

Seek ‘n Spell An innovative iPhone game that utilizes the phone’s location aware hardware to allow you and your friends to explore real spaces while competing to collect letter tiles in order to create words. OpenGL ES From the Ground Up, Parts 1 and 2 by Jeff LaMarche. A great walkthrough of introductory level programming […]

This Week In iPhone News – April 17/2009


On April 17, 2009

How To Change Your App Store Release Date by James Thomson. Interesting discussion and tips regarding the current issue a lot of iPhone developers are having with regards to their approved submission not showing up in the respective category until much later on. AppRanking v1.1.1 OS-X tool to see how your application/game is doing in […]

The Hidden Costs of Apple's Push Notification Service


On April 16, 2009

Guest author Ryan Daigle (Profile) is the creator of the open-source Rails-to-iPhone web-services bridge ObjectiveResource and a Rails Core Contributor. He runs Y Factorial. With iPhone OS 3.0, Push Notification is finally coming to the iPhone. Those of you with access to the iPhone OS 3.0 beta program can find the details of the push […]

iPhone App Buyers Survey — Revealed: Category Preferences, Price Sensitivity And Discovery Behavior


On April 14, 2009

A sizable number of you reading this will have first heard of Mobile Orchard in the context some research we did connecting price and popularity in the App Store. From the earliest days of the App Store until now, would-be moguls have had scant data to answer fundamental first principles questions like: What type of […]

Interview With Console/PC Game Developer Turned iPhone Indie Noel Llopis


On April 13, 2009

Noel Llopis became an indie after spending 10 years building large console and PC games. In this interview, Noel talks about what it’s like going from a team of 200 on a three year release cycle to being a lone gunman developing his no-gunman Flower Garden iPhone game in six months. Flower Garden is remarkably […]

This Week In iPhone News


On April 10, 2009

Introducing This Week In iPhone News, a new feature by Ari Braginsky (Profile). Ari has a knack for gathering iPhone news items and resources, which he graciously shares on Twitter and in his giant list of resources. Ari runs the iPhone news marathon as a sprint. To help us keep up, each week Ari will […]

Widespread 3.0 Upgrade By T+30 Days?


On April 6, 2009

When do you start building apps that rely on capabilities in 3.0? I’ve been thinking about the answer to this question while putting together the class for the Mobile Orchard Workshops, our forthcoming iPhone development training seminars that’ll premier in May. At first blush, it looks like an easy question to answer: build for 2.X […]