How Rank Correlates to Sales: Top 50 means 1000 Sales per Day


On December 21, 2008

Infomedia is the developer of iFart Mobile, an iPhone app that you can use to make farting noises. In just over a week of sales, iFart has done very well, going from #70 within the Entertainment section to becoming the 4th most popular app overall! Two days ago, Joel Comm (a popular Internet marketing expert […]

99 Cent iPhone Apps Not Significantly More Popular


On December 11, 2008

Update: December 12 – see the bottom of the article for a different, possibly more accurate graph.. Are 99¢ apps harming the iPhone app ecosystem?: The Pragmatic Argument Two days ago Craig Hockenberry wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs complaining about the prevalence of 99 cent apps on the App Store and the “rush” […]

How Much Are Contracted iPhone Developers Earning? $100-200 Per Hour


On November 30, 2008

Last week, Raven Zachary wrote Turning Ideas into iPhone Applications, a post about the “significant gap between individuals with ideas and those who are actually capable of turning the ideas into iPhone applications.” Zachary notes that the supply of iPhone developers is significantly lower than the demand – primarily because the iPhone is still a […]

iPhone Development vs Android Development in 5 Days


On November 19, 2008

Ed Burnette, a writer for ZDNet, is currently taking a 5 day course on iPhone programming at the Big Nerd Ranch. As an Android developer, he was intrigued to see how developing for the iPhone differed and took the plunge. From this, comes a series of incredibly detailed blog posts, iPhone vs Android Development (day […]

Take Stanford's iPhone Programming Class For Free


On October 30, 2008

Silicon Valley’s own Stanford University is one of many universities that has chosen to make more of its course materials available online. With this, comes class CS193P: iPhone Application Programming. Lecturers Evan Doll and Paul Marcos are delivering the class, and providing the class slides, handouts, and example code on the CS193P announcements page. While […]

Demand for iPhone Developers Up Significantly – Make Your Mark Now!



oDesk, a leading outsourcing marketplace for tech jobs, has announced that the demand for iPhone developers has skyrocketed by 500% in the six months since April 2008 – a six-times increase. Further, a job trends graph from job search site shows the number of iPhone related job postings going through the roof! None of […]

Apple Opens iPhone Developer Forums


On October 27, 2008

The iPhone SDK’s NDA may have been relaxed several weeks ago, but Apple has just launched a forum for iPhone developers as part of its Developer Connection program. Marked as being in “beta”, the forums are for members only – specifically, those in the iPhone Developer Standard Program, Enterprise Program, or University Program. You can […]

Automatic App Generation with AppLoop


On October 20, 2008

With iPhone application development not being the easiest of tasks, it seems there’s going to be a market in developing Web applications that can produce iPhone applications. AppLoop has taken a step into this market by offering a Web app that can turn any blog into an iPhone app that makes that blog easy to […]

Want To Buy An iPhone App Making $66k Per Month?


On October 13, 2008

Today, one of the more significant players in this nascent iPhone development industry has announced its break-up. TapTapTap, jointly founded by Sophia Teutschler (creator of CoverSutra) and John Casasanta (of MacHeist fame) was set up to bring together top iPhone talent to develop ultra-high quality apps for the iPhone platform. Due to significant differences in […]

A 5 Minute Walkthrough of Android For iPhone Developers


On October 12, 2008

Mobile Orchard’s intrepid Dan Grigsby has got his hands on one of the first T-Mobile G1 Android phones (still unavailable to the public as of writing) and gives us a quick, five minute walkthrough of the device from an iPhone developer’s perspective: If the video doesn’t appear in the post above, you can watch the […]