Mobile App Development Best Practices


On December 5, 2011

The differences in how the traditional web and mobile web run drastically influence a mobile application’s efficiency. Mobile phones are constrained by networks, which have limited bandwidth and high latency, and battery life. By conducting a series of mobile app tests, researchers at AT&T have found that certain architectural designs unique for mobile devices that […]

Complete iOS App Development Course – only $79


On November 28, 2011

We always think of app development as taking weeks or months to learn. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With this course from Udemy, you can learn iPhone and iPad app development in just an hour! That’s no mistake, the total course length is around 2.5 hours but after the first hour, you’ll already […]

How to Design Cool Looking Apps That Sell


On November 22, 2011

The App Store Top 10 list…. that is one list you might sell your first-born child to be on, right? But those guys that made it to the list do not have special powers. Not at all. One of the secret weapons used by Top App Developers is…. Design. Why Developers Do not Make Use […]

AppifyWP WordPress Theme Gets an Update plus Giveaway!


On September 1, 2011

AppifyWP, a WordPress theme designed to promote your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac apps, has been updated to version 2.0. This update includes many requested features such as multi-platform support, portrait/landcape orientations, and a revamped settings page to quickly configure your site. Check out the demo site and the video to see what’s behind the […]

A Community for App Developers


On July 11, 2011

The app development process is not always an easy one. Developers must tackle issues such as how to use caching effectively or how to utilize the state machine to make the app more energy efficient. Inevitably, obstacles and unforeseen issues arise along the way. Turning somewhere for help is also a natural part of the […]

Have your App Development funded by the Crowd – or invest in an App yourself


On July 7, 2011

There may be a thousand great ideas in your mind that you would like to convert into an app – you’ll find it difficult to keep your spirit up after realizing that the development will cost a lot more money than you are able to bring in. So what to do? Reaching out for investors […]

Take your app to the next level with marketing advice from Marketing Your App


On November 8, 2010

Matthew of Marketing Your App has agreed to answer questions from developers on promoting your mobile apps. While we enjoy bringing you app development tutorials, news, and reviews we also want to help you successfully market the apps you spend so much time working on. Matthew can answer your questions on the best ways to market your app and […]

Should I Work on an Already-Existing iPhone App Idea?


On October 25, 2010

To create an iPhone app, you require – a skills checklist, a target audience, right tools and most importantly, a killer iPhone app idea.

If you come up with a unique iPhone idea, there is a very good chance that it might make you a millionaire; and this is probably why so many app developers scratch their heads to come up with brand new concepts.

Cult Of Mac Monday Promo-Code Giveaways


On March 10, 2010

The popular Apple fanboi site Cult Of Mac wants to trade you promotional codes for visibility. More specifically, they’re building a regular Monday promo code giveaway feature and are looking for app devs/publishers to volunteer some codes. They’ve got a respectable 6,000 Twitter followers and around 2,400 Facebook fans. Zealots are valuable in word-of-mouth campaigns. […]