Announcing iPhone Wax: Native UIKit iPhone Apps Written In Lua


On September 30, 2009

Development Goes Faster With iPhone Wax Early this summer I started playing around with MacRuby, which lets Rubyists create native OS-X applications. While I love Objective-C, scripting languages have speed-of-development, memory management simplicity, and other advantages. Getting Ruby running on the iPhone is challenging; while I’m sure it’ll get there, I wanted something sooner. I […]

Announcing The iPhone Recipes Community Book/Call For Submissions



Great things happen at conferences. Last night, at dinner with some fellow attendees/presenters at 360iDev, we fell into a conversation where we were showing off the snazzy UI elements from apps — not necessarily our own — and then brainstorming about how they were constructed. Present at dinner was Jake Behrens. Jake, along with a […]

Programming The iPhone For Accessibility By The Visually Impaired


On September 22, 2009

Per Busch, a blind iPhone user from Germany, has been on a crusade to raise developer awareness about VoiceOver, a new-in-3.0 accessibility enhancement. Per’s is a noble quest, so we’ll do our part here: VoiceOver Over View VoiceOver, says Apple, “describes an application’s user interface and helps users navigate through the application’s views and controls, […]

Podcast Interview: Marcus Zarra / Core Animation


On September 21, 2009

Marcus Zarra is a well known Mac and iPhone developer and blogger at Cocoa Is My Girlfriend. He’s the author of several books, including Core Animation: Simplified Animation Techniques for Mac and iPhone Development due out in early 2010. He’s also one of the speakers at the upcoming Voices That Matter iPhone Conference in Boston […]

MonoTouch: Native iPhone Apps In C#


On September 15, 2009

Novell and the Mono team — the folks behind the popular OSS/alternate platform .NET and Silverlight implementations — have released MonoTouch. Using MonoTouch, programmers can write native iPhone applications using C#. I spoke with Mono Project founder Miguel de Icaza and Joseph Hill, Mono’s product manager, about the project, the audience, the programming model and […]

Mobile Orchard Jobs Board: iPhone Jobs & Contract Gigs. Help-Wanteds Free, But Must Pass Muster.


On September 2, 2009

People want to hire you and, for a while now, they’ve been emailing me about it. I thought it best that they be able to tell you directly. With that in mind: I’m pleased to announce the launch of our Free iPhone Jobs & Contract Gigs Board. Pairing targeted help-wanteds and popular, topical sites that […]

Research On A "New Middle Class" Of Indie iPhone Game Developers


On August 13, 2009

iPhone OpenGL Programming Workshop: Sept 26-27, Denver. 360iDev Conference promotion: save $399 when you attend both! In September, at the 360iDev Conference, I’m giving a talk titled Warm, Clothed and Fed: Developer Run iPhone Businesses. A big part of the talk will be about where your money comes from in an iPhone business. You can […]

Tutorial: Easy Audio Playback With AVAudioPlayer


On August 11, 2009

There are plenty of different places to get a mobile application designed. The problem is that they’re quite expensive. You might be able to figure out how to create your own, but it will probably look very basic. Instead, a good mobile application development software can make it even easier, so that you can build […]

Interview with Rhomobile: GPL3 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development In Ruby


On August 3, 2009

In this interview with Rhomobile founder Adam Blum we discuss their GPL3 framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps, their GPL3 mobile data sync-server, their hosted offering to simplify cross-platform mobile app builds, and the work they did to get Ruby onto an iPhone. You can listen using the Flash player below, download the MP3, or […]

Fighting Back Against The App Store's Negative Rating Bias


On July 14, 2009

Apple makes it easy to rate an apps during an uninstall by popping up an alert-box and asking for a star rating. This is, in fact, the easiest way to provide feedback. Absent an uninstall, a user must first launching the app store and then navigating to the app before providing a rating. Consequently, the […]