Mastering freemium game mechanics series: social alerts


On April 4, 2011

Matt Tubergen heads Recharge Studios, a wholly owned subsidiary of W3i that invests in the development and marketing/distribution of freemium mobile games.  W3i is a market leader in distributing and monetizing apps with over 500 million apps distributed for W3i clients. Recharge Studios is actively seeking new investment opportunities, if you have a great idea […]

Android App Development: Using Toasts and Alerts


On March 30, 2011

Android offers two methods to display messages to the user: Toasts and Alerts. in this post we’re going to explore both of them. Toasts: toasts are pop up messages that lasts for a certain duration and then disappear. a Toast is a transient message that appears and disappears without any interaction from the user and […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: PickerViews & More


On March 28, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another iOS Development tutorial. Today we are going to learn about UIPickerViews and how to switch viewcontrollers (I’ll explain what that is later). I’ll start off by explaining that picker views work fairly the same way as table views, so if you did the last tutorial then you should have no […]

Android App Development: Gallery Control


On March 23, 2011

In Android the Gallery control is a selection control that displays items in a horizontal gallery. the items in the gallery appear beside each other. they can appear separated by a pre-defined space. we can use the gallery to display String items using a simple ArrayAdapter. so let’s see how to create a gallery that […]

Android App Development: Menus Part 3: Alternative Menus


On March 16, 2011

Android offers a third type of menus: Alternative menus which allow multiple applications to use each other. An application menu can contain menu items that point to other applications that deal with a certain data type that is passed from the application by an intent. This functionality is related to the concept of Content Providers […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: TableViews


On March 14, 2011

Hello again, today we will learn about UITableViews and NSArrays, but before we start I need everyone who reads these tutorials to vote on the poll below, since it will determine how the next tutorials will be presented. Since Apple released the new version of Xcode (Xcode 4) I need to know whether we should […]

Android App Development: Menus Part 2: Context Menus


On March 9, 2011

Context menus are the menus that appear when you right-click in windows. In android Context menu are attached to widgets and the appear when you click on the widget for a long time (long click). To add context menus to widgets you have to do two things: Register the widget for a context menu. Add […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: Calculator Part 2


On March 8, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another iOS development tutorial. Hopefully you’ve been able to track along with me and keep pace with my teaching. If you haven’t just let me know and I can slow it down some more or explain specific concepts that you may be struggling with. Today, we are going to proceed with […]

Android App Development: Menus part 1: Options menu


On March 2, 2011

In today’s Android App Development tutorial we are going to go over the options menu. Android phones have the menu button which displays a menu with several items that provide navigation or more functionality or settings to your applications. Android has three types of menus Options menu. Context menu. Alternative menus. Menu items can be […]