CBS EyeMobile – Review

On October 3, 2008

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CBS EyeMobile – Review

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By: Brent Brookler

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-16


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CBS has served up an interesting little app that let’s iPhone users become pseudo-reporters. The app makes it easy to quickly snap a picture, add some text, and upload it to their site, for others to browse.

On one level, it is an interesting take on the ever-growing popularity of using camera-phones to grab and share images in real time. For example, a friend of mine had the chance to see Michelle Obama speak the other day, and loaded the image of her talk to Facebook while the event was still happening.  CBS EyeMobile has been built on this concept with their own branding and is a logical next step in the evolution of social-network sharing.

Caution must be had however, since this is a world in which the smallest rumor can take off, be picked up by  thousands of websites and blogs, and, within minutes move from rumor to supposed reality.  In my opinion, this can become a real issue when a supposed news source reinforces this kind of misinformation.

There is a reason why reports are supposed to have fact checkers, it is to prevent the possible mistaken reporting based on rumor.  Obviously, in the case of pseudo-reporters, and in an environment where candidates for major office can show the type of distain for the “mainstream media” that has become common-place, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate fact, from opinion, from outright fabrication.

By referring to people posting images and text as “reporters”, CBS may have a cute hook but, it is a dangerous gamble to take.

In short, cute idea, but there is something to be said for oversight and fact checking in a world where “perception is reality.”

Quick Take

Value: medium
Would I Buy Again:  it is free
Learning Curve: low. well designed and simple to use
Who is it for:  anyone
What I like: Well designed app that is easy to use
What I Don’t:  The whole idea of it

Final Statement:
Good app, well executed. Kind of scares me.


Read the Developer's Notes:
- Browse latest reports and watch video coverage of breaking news and events captured by citizen journalists around the World.
- Be the first in your area to tell the story with CBS EyeMobile on iPhone.  Submit images as you capture the news and build your coverage with stories illustrating the impact of unfolding events. 
- Track discussion of your reports as they appear in the Recent Reports list and discuss reports from other citizen journalists.
- At update your reports with late breaking details, track other journalists and watch CBS EyeMobile coverage of past events. O U R   T A K E . . .

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