CheckPlease – Review

On November 15, 2008

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CheckPlease – Review

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By: Catamount Software

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-10


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CheckPlease is a straight forward way to figure out a check at a restaurant when there are a few people all chipping in on the total cost of the meal.
There are various windows that will tabulate different configurations of the people having dinner.
 You simply enter the total of the check with the keypad. Then select the amount of tip and number of people in the left part of the window. The tip can be rounded off. The "i" in the lower right of the screen will turn the screen around so you can select the correct sales tax. Press "Done" when proper tax percentage has been entered. The window will return to the main screen. 

Quick Take: 

This is a simple well designed and organized program that can present you with an immediate total for each person in a dining party. Tax and tips are all included. Totals can be either rounded off or exact. All this information is right at your fingertips with the iPhone/iTouch.

Would I Buy Again:

Learning Curve: None needed. Everything is self explanatory.

Who is it for: Any group out for a friendly dinner who wants to settle the bill between friends.

What I like: The convenience of being able to give accurate totals to everyone right from my iPhone/iTouch device.

What I Don’t: Nothing…..

Final Statement:
CheckPlease is a perfect application for those who eat out with friends a lot.

CheckPlease makes figuring out the check a breeze!!

Read the Developer's Notes:
A simple tip calculator for calculating the tip or for splitting the bill evenly among multiple people.

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